Central Florida Bands! Help Us Help You.


When you were out there playing, I am not trying to rub a sore spot, but did you ever get tired of playing a limited number of venues over and over again?

Have you ever thought why? Well, maybe the venues don’t have the time to research area bands and they just keep booking the same bands. Since there isn’t a current data base, searching for new bands is just too hard.

Now, www.AllMusicMag.com has a data base of both bands and venues. You can search by name, city or genre. When the data base becomes complete, not just bands and venues will be looking to hook up, the fans of live music will be using the data base to locate their evening and weekend plans.

In addition to all the above, members in the data base can enter equipment for sale, talent needing a job or a band needing to add talent, and a page for venues looking to hire bands for specific dates. It’s all under the Message Board.

As you can see, this is an interactive data base where every band and venue can own their own page with picture, description, contact information, and performance schedule FOR NO COST!

The shows entered will populate in three areas. All Music Magazines show page lists all shows by date. It also populates to the bands page and the venues pages listing the shows. One entry, displayed on all three pages.

For more interaction and helping our music community to solidify,  All Music Magazine has 9 photo journalists that will be out covering the Central Florida Scene with photos and reviews. Think of it this way, we can’t cover you if we don’t know who you are, or where you are performing.

So please enter your information so All Music Magazine can report on the music scene in Central Florida as we watch it prosper!