CHRONICAL MOSHERS OPEN AIR Festival, Day 2, Saturday June 11, 2022 – Mühlteich Heinsdorfergrund Germany



The oldest active metal club in Gemany,  The Chronical Moshers, organize in June the Chronical Moshers Open Air (CMOA). Only 1000 tickets will be sold to the festival held in Mühlteich Heinsdorfergrund, Germany and is sold out in minutes every year. But what makes this festival so special? First – the location. The stage is set up in the forest and a small pond nearby invites you to cool off in summer. From the park- and campsite it’s only a few steps to the festival ground. Thats why most of the fans come back every year to enjoy this family atmosphere at the Mühlteich pond.

The first day of the festival ended with doomy-melancholic death metal and the second day starts with bright sunshine but deep black with THRONECULT.



Saturday, June 11

12:30 pm – 13:15 pm

THRONECULT is a Black Metal Band from Saxony, largely unknown with raw sound and deeply blasphemous. And although THRONECULT prefer rather dark realms, the Black Metallers had to stink against the sun. But no problem, because THRONECULT really roared in deep black from the first minute. Even if there was hardly any movement on stage, THRONECULT bludgeoned their way through their set rough and uncompromising and brought quite a few cadavers to boils at this early hour.



Skral – vocals
M – guitar
B – drums
D – bass




Saturday, June 11

13:35 pm – 14:20 pm

MOSHQUITO pulled the first skull wrestlers back in front of the stage and the death and thrash fans got their money’s worth. Founded in 1982 until 1987 the band was called ARGUS, and played mainly covers. The band wasn’t allowed to perform in the former German Democratic Republic. Because of the continuing reprisals taken by the government, the band decided to change their name into MOSHQUITO in 1987 to get at least a temporary break. This surprisingly worked and the band was able to record their first demo, “No Back to Inferno”.



Thomas Berthel – vocals
Ingo Lohf– guitar
John Uhle – drums
Andre Nebel – bass
Maik Richter – guitar




Saturday, June 11

14:40 pm – 15:30 pm

MACEBETH was founded in 1985 and was one of the first heavy metal bands in the former GDR. MACBETH rumbled through their set and let more and more hair fly. Screamer Oliver “Olli” Hippauf raged across the stage like a dervish and fervently spat out his German lyrics into the crowd and the axe fraction unleashed rows of ingenious riffs. Just great.



Oliver Hippauf – vocals
Alex Kopp – guitar
Steffen Adolf – drums
Hanjo Pabst – bass
Ralf Klein – guitar




Saturday, June 11

14:50 pm – 16:45 pm

GUTALAX is a grindcore band from Czech Republic founded in 2009. And everybody knows, when the toilet brushes are swung, toilet paper is flying through the air and excretions of all kinds are being talked about, then you haven’t ended up with the diarrhea self-help group, you’re indulging in grindcore together with GUTALAX. In their white protective suits, they completely tore off everything that could still stand from the first second and whirled up a lot of dust. The mob raged, inflatable animals flew through the air and were massacred and seasoned men and women gave free rein to their play instinct in the mosh pit. Just fun to see so much silliness in one place.



Maty – vocals
Freedoom – drums
Kebab – bass
Kojass – guitar




Saturday, June 11

17:05 pm – 18:00 pm

After GUTALAX the fun was over as the Dutch death metal squadron of SINISTER left nothing but scorched earth. Starting in 1989, Sinister was a band arising in the middle of the death metal hype. When it comes to brutality, the band is second to none, and a riff storm pelted the metalheads while front grunt Aad Kloosterwaard let your blood freeze in your veins.



Adrie Kloosterwaard – vocals
Gishlain van der Stel – guitar
Toep Duin – drums
Bram Willems – bass
Walter Tjwa – guitar




Saturday, June 11

18:20 pm – 19:15 pm

Hairy in the truest sense of the word, it became with DISBELIEF.  DISBELIEF is a German death metal band already founded in 1990. The long-haired guys convinced with killer riffs, strong drumming and fat growls and vocals. Hair not only flew up but also in front of the stage and DISBELIEF rolled over the idyll at the Mühlteich pond with their monster groove.



Karsten Jäger – vocals
Dave Renner – guitar
Timo Claas – drums
Jochen Trunk – bass
Marius Pack – guitar




Saturday, June 11

19:35 pm – 20:30 pm

HOLY MOSES is a German thrash metal band formed i 1980 and is considered one ot the pioneers of this genre in Germany. The band unleashed a thrash metal hurricane from the very first second and lead singer Sabina Classen left no doubt that HOLY MOSES still play in the first league. Sabina used the entire stage, raged from left to right, jumped and banged in competition with the fans. Just unbelievable, how much temperament this, almost 60 (!!!)-year-old, petite bundle of energy brought to the boards.



Sabina Classen – vocals
Peter Geltat – guitar
Gerd Lücking – drums
Thomas Neitsch – bass




Saturday, June 11

20:55 pm – 21:55 pm

It then continued with TANKARD. TANKARD is a thrash metal band formed in Frankfurt/Main 1982. The band themselves jokingly refer to their style as Alcoholic Metal due to the over-emergence oft the alcohol theme. The thrashers hit the strings like crazy and from the first minute Gerre and his guys had the crowd under control. The sympathetic rock was constantly looking for contact with the fans and encouraged them to bang and of course drink beer. It felt like every second song was about the hops spritzer and the crowd in front of the stage celebrated like there was no tomorrow.



Andreas “Gerre” Geremia – vocals
Andreas Andi Gutjahr– guitar
Olaf Zissel – drums
Frank Thorwarth – bass




Saturday, June 11

22:20 pm – 23:20 pm

The Dutch death metal squadron ASPHYX attacked right from the start and didn’t let anything stop. Formed in the Netherlands in 1987, ASPHYX have always been one of death metal’s most ruthlessly idiosyncratic bands. With a sound that draws from the rawest of materials, they have skilfully blended fast ‘n’ furious extremity with some of the most claustrophobic, suppurating slow-motion doom ever committed to tape. The gentlemen around shouter Martin van Drunen showed what they were capable of right from the start and in front of the stage the beets were shaken up to the point of herniated discs. One breaker followed the next and a fat sound and an ingenious light show underlined the impressive performance.



Martin van Drunen – vocals
Paul Baayens – guitar
Stefan Hüskens – drums
Alwin Zuur – bass




Saturday, June 11

23:40 pm – 01:00 am

After this steep descent, SODOM burned down the forests around the Mühlteich pond completely. SODOM is a thrash metal band founded 1982 and one of the most successful representatives of the German metal scene along with Kreator and Destruction. Their extreme style of playing also influences many of today’s thrash, death and black metal bands.
The crowd went wild and already from the second song “Agent Orange” there was no stopping. Hair and fists flew where you could see and the dust swirled as the thrash hurricane devastated the CMOA. The area in front of the stage was like a wild witch’s cauldron and with every song SODOM heated up the atmosphere. Even in the back rows there was no stopping them.
Uncle Tom seemed visibly pleased with so much encouragement and put down his shirt and vest during the course of the show, much to the delight of the ladies present, and shredded further with bare upper body.
SODOM beat their way through their set without compromise and ended a more than grandiose performance and the best festival on earth with “Bombenhagel”. Respect. That was just crazy.



Tom Angelripper – vocals / bass
Frank “Blackfire” Gosdzik – guitar
Toni Merkel – drums
Yorck Segatz – guitar


The CMOA is a small but fine metal festival in the middle of nowhere, perfectly organized with a lot of heart and soul by Chronical Moshers e.V. Fair prices, great bands, great organization and friendly and hard-working helpers make the CMOA what it is: a festival by fans for fans.