Dylan John Thomas Adds Cardiff To His Sold-Out Venues 14th November 2023






Making his eighth stop in Cardiff tonight on his UK tour, Dylan John Thomas experienced yet another sold-out night, adding to the success of the five previous dates.

Named after the iconic Bob Dylan, embarking on a music career entails stepping into sizable shoes. Commencing his journey as a busker, Dylan has steadily ascended the ranks, creating a resounding impact along the way.

Murdo Mitchell took the stage first, already in high spirits, aiming to warm up the crowd. Hailing from Glasgow, this singer-songwriter recently concluded a successful UK tour earlier this year. Armed with a powerful voice and an acoustic guitar, he kicked off with a slow, emotional song, leading into a solo performance of “Sit Down,” a cover by James. Closing his set with the massive cover “She’s Electric,” by Oasis Murdo left the audience feeling like there were twice as many attendees as there actually were.



During the stage transitions, football songs echoed through the crowd, creating a lively atmosphere. The anticipation built as the band took the stage, with chants of “Dylan!” ringing throughout. The crowd erupted into an almighty roar as Dylan John Thomas, promoting his self-titled album, began his set with “Jenna.”

His lyrics, clear and soul-penetrating, were complemented by a robust bass that reverberated through the venue. “Feel the Fire” ignited the crowd with its catchy chorus, and the energetic audience showed no restraint. The song’s festival-ready vibes were palpable.

Unexpectedly shifting gears with a cover of “Mama Mia,” by Abba the crowd remained just as vocal and engaged. Dylan continued to captivate the audience, spurred on by their lively energy. As beer flew into the air, the music created an infectious atmosphere, impossible to resist nodding along, tapping feet, and simply enjoying.

There was an undeniable feel-good factor permeating the venue. Briefly pausing to dry his guitar after a small beer shower from the audience, Dylan concluded his set with two encore songs, “Fever” and “Nobody Else.” Both songs retained the punchy, fast-paced energy of the entire performance, lingering in the minds of the audience even after the one-hour straight set.

As they bid their farewells, the fans erupted into cheers, applause, and chants of “Dylan.” It’s not often you witness up-and-coming artists eliciting more crowd reactions for their own songs than for big hit covers like “Ring of Fire.” Johnny Cash cover

Watch this space for more from Dylan John Thomas!

Asking a fan, why they have come to see Dylan,

“They are fans of his deep lyrics and how they flow through his music, and just sound right”

Shian +Rees




1 – Jenna

2 – What A Shame

3 – When I Get Home

4 – Wake Up Ma

5 – Feel the Fire

6 – Rich Boy

7 – Mamma Mia

(ABBA cover)

8 – If I Didn’t Laugh

9 – Up in the Air

10 – Now and Then

11 – Do I Wanna Know?

12 – Yesterday is Gone

13 – Ring of Fire

Johnny Cash cover

14 – Fever

15 – Nobody Els