As we enter The New Century Hall on a blustery and cold evening for the second helping of three nights for Enter Shakiri, the buzz is still high from the last outing. Enter Shakiri has become a must-see band on the gig circuit, and tonight is no exception

But first it was Cody Frost and her flaming red hair is not the only fiery thing she’s got going, her music is equally fiery. Blending a sense of punk and alt-pop with a wonderfully powerful voice, Frost is ticking a lotta box. Frost seemed totally at home on stage and played to the crowd, she has an eclectic style, that fits the bill, and certainly come a long way from the trials and tribulations of the hit series The Voice. Frost certainly brought a few fans and added a few from a great opening performance.


Set List

1/ Verbal Warnings

2/ DWYSSWM (Don’t Worry Your Secret’s Safe With Me)

3/ No Admission

4/ Teeth

5/ Berlin

6/ Redundant



As Everything Unfolds were up next and the group’s sound incorporates elements of alternative rock, post-hardcore, and progressive metal, while lead singer Charlie Rolfe’s vocal style has been described as a mixture of Hayley Williams, Amy Lee and Becca Macintyre. The band consists of Charlie Rolfe – lead vocals, Adam Kerr – lead guitar, George Hunt – bass, Jon Cassidy – synths/programming, Jamie Gowers – drums.

As Everything Unfolds’ immersive experience continues, they kicked off their set with “Ultraviolet”. Quickly followed by “Hiding From Myself”. Stellar opening under a raging red bound mist and strobe lighting show. Rolfe is an enticing ringmaster, goading the crowd into mosh pits that engulf the room in a wide-eyed frenzy. They finish off a powerful set with “On the inside”, which whips up the crowd and is perfectly ready for tonight’s headline act.


Set List

1/ Ultraviolet

2/ Hiding From Myself

3/ Flip Side

4/ Slow down

5/ Blossom

6/ Felt like home

7/ On the Inside



Enter Shikari (stylised as enter: shikari and occasionally as ΣΠΤΣ℞ SΗΦΚ∆RxΦ) are a British rock band formed in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England in 1999 by bassist Chris Batten, lead vocalist and keyboardist Rou Reynolds, and drummer Rob Rolfe. In 2003, guitarist Rory Clewlow joined the band to complete its current line-up, and it adopted its current name. In 2006, they performed to a growing fanbase at Download Festival as well as a sold-out concert at the London Astoria. Their debut studio album, “Take To The Skies”, was released in 2007 and reached number 4 in the Official UK Album Chart.

Enter Shikari are now into their 7th album and ‘A Kiss for the Whole World’ phase, to celebrate this, the band decided to tour some of the more intimate and quirky venues around the UK. Tickets for these were always going too hard to come by, so to give fans more of a chance of attending these shows, the band are playing each venue three times, these will take place once a month in February, March and April.

It was the incredible venue of New Century Hall in Manchester where we got the pleasure to see the gig. The venue began hosting gigs last year and is as unique as it is modern. The main lighting is a full raft of ceiling lights, that cover the venue from the front to the back. They omit a never-ending glow of multi-coloured glowing lights, and it’s clean and is easily accessible in the heart of Manchester City centre. The stage is nice and wide and can accommodate a lot of travelling bands.

New tracks “It Hurts” and, “Bloodshot” along with 2022 one-off singles “The Void Stares Back” and “Bull” included a cameo for Cody Foster hit with the same intensity as anything from their back catalogue. That back catalogue is raided surprisingly extensively, but the levels don’t drop when new tracks are played. This isn’t a nostalgia trip for people who were around to see them at the Manchester Apollo back in 2007. Their most recognisable track, “Sorry You’re Not a Winner”, has been given a complete makeover to bring it in line with 2023.

ENTER SHIKARI are one of the few bands that can simultaneously give positive vibes, serious messages, and hope, all wrapped up in their signature electro-rock anthems. With each album, they evolve and change into an even better iteration of themselves than the last – not because they feel they’d accrue more success through change, but because they are staying to be true to themselves. Their genuine authenticity comes across on their albums, but even more so live. There is one fact that cannot be denied: ENTER SHIKARI have become a national treasure.



Set List

1/ It Hurts

2/ Juggernauts

3/ The Dreamer’s Hotel

4/ Halcyon

5/ Hectic

6/ The Void Stares Back

7/ Satellites

8/ The Pressure’s On.

9/ Bloodshot

(Live debut)

10/ Labyrinth

11/ Radiate

12/ (Pls) Set Me On Fire

13/ Bull

(With Cody Frost)

14/ Sorry, You’re Not a Winner

(Pendulum Remix 2nd Verse, 2023 Remix Outro)


15/ Stop the Clocks

(Rou solo acoustic-esque)

16/ System…


17/ …Meltdown

18/ Live Outside