KT Tunstall – UK tour with special guest Andy Burrows at the Albert Hall, Manchester Sunday 26th February 2023





Manchester tonight and through bitterly cold wind we walk from Oxford Road station, down bustling streets, past busy bars and eateries at the heart of this iconic and historic city, to our venue, the equally iconic Albert hall. Hosting countless musical legends over the years, this atmospheric and acoustically excellent, independent venue is on every musician’s wish list to play – and as a spectator it’s a wonderful experience. Tonight is one not to be missed, the creative, quirky and captivating KT Tunstall, touring to promote her latest album, ‘Nut’, with special guest, Andy Burrows (Razorlight). This is one of my all time favourite solo artists, so tonight is a special one for me as I’ve never had the chance to see her until now – I’m happy!


Opening tonight we have special guest, Andy Burrows, (drummer with Razorlight and We are Scientists) with an acoustic set. Joined on stage by Stu Wilkinson on guitar and doing some vocal, it’s a wonderfully stripped back and laid bare sound. Very atmospheric, these incredible sounds seep out into every corner of our venue, which adds to the atmosphere given the stunning surroundings.

The set starts off with a real soft rock, country/alt feel, almost Americana, slightly 80s rock sounding. Enthusiastically and expertly strumming his guitar, the vocal is strong, intense, full and far reaching, with a real edge to it. Harmonies are performed and the mix of vocals works superbly- rich and earthy, then as the set progresses, higher and longer notes are reached. It’s completely riveting – we are glued to this performance as an audience.

Perfectly relaxed on stage, this feels very special, and the two obviously good friends seem to bounce off each other. At times I’ve found myself lost in these sounds, the expressive vocal and the rhythmical strumming. It’s drawn us in from the very beginning and holds us enthralled until the very last note. A thoroughly mesmerising set, I really enjoyed this, and including a Razorlight track was a great touch and a real crowd pleaser. Thank you, Andy Burrows and Stu Wilkinson…brilliant set.


Andy Burrows

Andy Burrows – lead vocal/guitar

Stu Wilkinson – guitar/backing vocals



Amidst flashing blue lights and dry ice and under an impressive backdrop, in a burst of enthusiasm and energy, our uber cool headline arrives on stage. In a breeze of happiness she shouts “Manchester”, then it’s straight into the first song. It’s all go, right from the onset…high vibrational, uplifting, real vivacity. It’s brimming with feel good and this venue is bouncing now. Dance-making tunes, lively, and shouts of encouragement throughout from on stage. KT is on top form – super form – dancing and skipping about the stage, swinging her guitar back and to, dancing with all band members and displaying the hugest smile throughout our set. It’s infectious, we can’t stop smiling either.

The sounds are very clean, a superb clarity in fact ; concise, very tight and excellently performed in the most energetic and fun filled way. Soaring bass takes flight, melodic and rhythmical; drumming is light, skippy, then pounding and bass driven with brilliant intricate sections, making this fast paced and toe tapping. Guitar lines shine and glisten…sparkle even; riffs are real earworms, jangly but with a real acoustically led strumming sound. There’s a mixture of new material from KT’s seventh and newest album ‘Nut’ which is strong in content, rich in sound with clever and poignant lyrics about lockdown, the pandemic, self discovery and spiritual growth and freedom; older, well known and loved tracks from her tremendous back catalogue, and covers, which blend seamlessly into this content packed set. The vocal is exquisite, totally on point – this girl can sing! and really shows us her vocal abilities: loud, notes held and extended, reaching out towards us, hooking us, putting us under this musical spell, to which we all happily submit. Honey rich, warm tones, to deeper, earthier then that familiar and famous grate which genuinely causes spine tingles.

Between songs KT is witty and genuine, reciting anecdotes from her past, her day in Manchester today, themes of songs and banter with the audience. Mid set is an acoustic section. It’s explained that this in fact is busking, a nod to her musical roots when she used to busk in Manchester. (Manchester seems very dear to her). It’s brilliant, as all 4 musicians jam and dance about.

We have (in KT’s words) a ‘human’ version of ‘Black Horse and the cherry tree’ as she explains that her trusty loop pedal hasn’t been brought on this tour. I can hand on heart say that this is possibly the best performance of any song live I think I’ve ever seen. (I assure you, I see a great many). Seriously, I have goose bumps throughout this song.


KT Tunstall – headline

KT Tunstall – lead vocal/guitar/percussion

Stu Wilkinson – guitars/keys

Seye Adelekan – bass



Starting off acoustically with a bass drum pounding in the background then becoming full band mid section with a cover of “Sweet dreams” by Eurythmics to honour Annie Lennox’s recent addition into the Rock n roll Hall of Fame …and then, bang, it explodes back into ‘Black Horse, cherry tree’ for the crescendo. It’s incredible, the crowd have gone wild; musical shock waves sent out, engulfing every one of us. More new material is performed, then the set ends with as much energy as it began; everyone is on their feet in a standing ovation, which is thoroughly well deserved.

This has been edge of seat stuff, musical medicine, food for the soul. An encore, equal in energy levels, if not raised energy levels, ensues… an exhilarating, euphoric and fun experience. Music really is magic; I defy anyone to see KT Tunstall and not come out smiling. One cool rock chick with so much energy, style, creativity and talent, and really likeable and grounded too. I truly believe this ‘Queen of Scotland’ will one day join Annie Lennox in that Rock n roll Hall of Fame. I am in awe, and it’s now my mission to see KT Tunstall live again as many times as I can!

(No set lists available)