Orlando, Florida The Weekly Band Crawl for May 26-27-28, 2023!




A lot of bands already know this but for some of the newer ones work to make yourself a band that the venues you perform at can always count on to set up and start on time. Watch the clock and don’t stretch your breaks out so long that you start to lose your crowd. Try and work in at least a couple of new songs between the dates you play a venue to keep it fresh for the audience and remember to push tips for both yourself and the staff. Also make sure to promote your shows in advance and venues please do the same as it’s a two way street. Lastly always try and thank the venue & staff on FB and IG afterwards for having you & mention what a great time you and the crowd had. This lets folks who weren’t there know what they missed and hopefully they will come out next time plus it’s a great way to build your following. Thanks for listening!!!








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