SUPERGRASS Release Music Video for 'The Loner' (Neil Young Cover)



Taken from the Deluxe Reissue of Fourth Studio Album

 Life On Other Planets

Out on August 25th via BMG – Pre order here.


Supergrass have today released the music video for their cover of Neil Young’s ‘The Loner’. Watch here. The track was originally released in 2003 as a b-side to ‘Seen The Light’, the bands third single from their fourth album ‘Life on Other Planets.’ 

‘The Loner’ will be available as part of the deluxe reissue of the critically acclaimed album, set for release via BMG on August 25th. Pre order here.

The album peaked at number 9 in the UK charts back in 2002, continuing an astonishing run of critical and commercial success for the band. In January 2001 the band took a break from live performing and, armed with wine, cigarettes and acoustic guitars, barricaded themselves into a villa in the South of France. Here they revelled in the relaxed atmosphere, star-gazing and exploring the musical odyssey that would become Life On Other Planets.

This 2023 re-issue has been fully remastered from original sources and includes the hit singles ‘Grace’ (UK #13), ‘Seen the Light’ (UK#22), ‘Never Done Nothing Like That Before’ & ‘Rush Hour Soul’. It will be released as 1LP black heavyweight vinyl; 2LP white 12”, green and black 10” vinyl and 3CD with demos and live versions.

The gatefold 1LP is a faithful reissue of the original album. The 2LP artwork has startling new white-on-black reverse artwork plus a bonus 10” EP ‘Live Forms’ inspired by original Supergrass collectors item ‘Live 2002’. Also included is a 20 page booklet featuring band photos and new sleeve notes by BBC Radio stalwart Mark Radcliffe. The 3CD comprises of Disc 1: remastered album, disc 2 ‘Extras Terrestrial’: unreleased demos and all the related B-sides and disc 3: a comprehensive rendition of the album live, along with acoustic and cover versions. Both the 3CD and 2LP formats include previously unreleased tracks and versions.



Supergrass – Gaz Coombes, Mick Quinn, Danny Goffey and Rob Coombes – are one of the most important bands to emerge during the 1990s, with several million record sales, 6 top 10 albums and 10 top 20 singles. Formed in Oxford UK in 1993, the Brit, Q, NME and Ivor Novello-winning outfit released their Mercury-nominated No.1 debut album ‘I Should Coco’ in 1995. Their fourth single, ‘Alright’, was a pop masterpiece and catapulted the band to global success. Five highly acclaimed, successful studio albums followed: ‘In It For The Money’, ‘Supergrass’, ‘Life On Other Planets’, ‘Road To Rouen’ and ‘Diamond Hoo Ha’, as well as the top 5 best of ‘Supergrass Is 10’. Other hits include: ‘Mansize Rooster’, ‘Lenny’, ‘Going Out’, ‘Richard III’, ‘Sun Hits The Sky’, ‘Pumping On Your Stereo’, ‘Moving’, ‘Grace’ and ‘St. Petersburg’. Having split up in 2010, Supergrass temporarily reformed in 2019 for a successful, sold-out, media and fan-acclaimed world tour.

Release formats:

– 2LP Colour vinyl (1 x 12”, 1 x 10” mini-album) (US: AEC indie store exclusive)

– 1LP Black heavyweight vinyl

– 3CD Digipack

– HD Digital

– SD Digital


– 2LP Colour: Features the remastered original album on standard weight White 12” vinyl in reimagined inversed sleeve, plus a Green & Black 10” including live tracks, 20 page booklet featuring rare and unseen band photos, liner notes and band quotes.

– 1LP Black: Features the remastered original album on black heavy weight vinyl, with

20 page booklet featuring rare and unseen band photos, liner notes and band quotes.

– 3CD: Features newly remastered original album, a disc of rarities and B-sides and one of

live recordings (CD2 and CD3 including unreleased material). Including booklet with rare

photos and notes including new band quotes.

1LP Black & 2LP White 12” Colour Vinyl Tracklists:

2023 ‘Life On Other Planets’ album remaster: 

Side 1

01. Za

02. Rush Hour Soul

03. Seen The Light

04. Brecon Beacons

05. Can’t Get Up

06. Evening Of The Day

Side 2

01. Never Done Nothing Like That Before

02. Funniest Thing

03. Grace

04. La Song

05. Prophet 15

06. Run

10” Colour Vinyl Tracklists (exclusive to 2LP release):

Side 1

01. Rush Hour Soul (Live)

02. Seen The Light (Live)

03. Brecon Beacons (Live)

04. Can’t Get Up (Live)

Side 2

01. Rush Hour Soul (Live Acoustic)*

02. Seen The Light (Live Acoustic)*

03. Evening Of The Day (Live Acoustic)*

04. Can’t Get Up (Live Acoustic)*

3CD tracklist 

Disc 1: 2023 ‘Life On Other Planets’ album Remaster 

01. Za

02. Rush Hour Soul

03. Seen The Light

04. Brecon Beacons

05. Can’t Get Up

06. Evening Of The Day

07. Never Done Nothing Like That Before

08. Funniest Thing

09. Grace

10. La Song

11. Prophet 15

12. Run

Disc 2: Extras Terrestrial 

01. Dark Star

02. Za (Helioscentric Demo)

03. Rush Hour Soul (Helioscentric Demo)

04. Everytime

05. Seen The Light (Helioscentric Demo)

06. I Told The Truth

07. The Loner

08. Brecon Beacons (Helioscentric Demo)

09. Can’t Get Up (Helioscentric Demo)

10. Evening Of The Day (Helioscentric Demo)

11. Funniest Thing (Helioscentric Demo)

12. Stinkfinger

13. Velvetine

14. Electric Cowboy

15. Tishing In Windows (Kicking Down Doors)

16. That Old Song

17. La Song (Helioscentric Demo)

18. Prophet 15 (Helioscentric Demo)

19. Tronic

20. Life On Other Planets

Disc 3: Live Forms

01. Za (Elysée Montmartre)*

02. Rush Hour Soul (Elysée Montmartre)*

03. Seen The Light (Elysée Montmartre)*

04. Brecon Beacons (Elysée Montmartre)*

05. Can’t Get Up (Heineken Music Hall)*

06. Evening Of The Day (Wembley Arena)*

07. Never Done Nothing Like That Before (Elysée Montmartre)*

08. Funniest Thing (Wembley Arena)*

09. Grace (Wembley Arena)*

10. La Song (Wembley Arena)*

11. Prophet 15 (V2002)*

12. The Loner (Elysée Montmartre)*

13. Run (Elysée Montmartre)*

14. Rush Hour Soul (Live Acoustic)*

15. Seen The Light (Live Acoustic)*

16. Evening Of The Day (Live Acoustic)*

17. Can’t Get Up (Live Acoustic)*