The Broken Beauty Of The Deep Blue… YELLOW AND GOLD




Honey-smooth and bittersweet: The Deep Blue’svocal harmonies and sparse, twisted melodies catchthe light with the release of second single…YELLOW AND GOLD


Immersed in fathoms of The Deep Blue, crystalline voices playing hide and seek, fractured guitar lines and resolute beats–it’s time for listeners to take the leap and dive deep into the Manchester four-piece’s latest cracked sophisto pop masterpiece:Yellow And Gold.
Following on from the band’s 2021’s raved-about single, Jealous Sea and their debut Taking On Water EP, the band’s latest gift is an enrapturing alchemy of badass defiance, soul-reaching vocals and deft artistic guile.
Three part-harmonies, calling and responding, uniting in a siren call, dispersing then joining forces, Georgia, Niamh and  Katie’s vocals paint lines of optimism to be coloured-in by bittersweet words of loss and the relief of recovery, while Sophie beats their path from behind the drums. Against the backdrop of the city’s red brick and late nights; swimming through the heavy rain, the gentility of the band’s indie-folk origins has been corrupted by the harsh light of urban modernity and what’s left is an intoxicatingFleetwood Mac-by-HAIM expression hope and volatility.Yellow And Gold is the first outcome of the band’s collaborative relationship with production duo SOAP(Larkins, Lucy Deakin, Ellysse Mason),looking to each other to craft the song’s complex sonic patchwork, one of rolling plains of deep space and claustrophobic corners of wild instrumentation. The  result isa seemingly limitless journey of discovery on every listen



The Deep Blue’s statement on the track reads:“You know when you break up with someone and it feels good to be on your own again. Time on your hands, life in your control. But sometimes it feels a little empty and you miss being close to someone. Then summer comes and you stumble across that thrilling feeling of new love again and even though you think you probably shouldn’t, and it’s probably too soon, you let yourself return to that warmth. Let yourself go, into yellow and gold.”The Deep Blue broke out in2021 with the release of their debut EP having tested out their budding artistry and voices together during the difficult year that preceded it. Between the three lead-up singles,Jealous Sea,He Said She Said and Inside My Head, the band caught the hearts and heads of critics who immediately latched on to the sense of ‘other’ that The Deep Blue bring, provoking listeners’ senses through myriad, conflicting and conferring themes and emotions.Having appeared on festival stages already this year, including Liverpool’s Sound City and Wales’ celebration of contemporary music, Focus Wales, following tour supports with artist including Flyte andSophie Hunger, The Deep Blue return to their home city for a landmark show at the ornate Deaf Institute onWed 29 June 2022.To receive information on The Deep Blue including upcoming tour dates and releases, 






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