The Cribs Celebrating 20 years of their debut “The Cribs” Liverpool Olympia in Liverpool, United Kingdom on 24th May, 2024






The Cribs brought their raw, unfiltered indie rock energy to The Liverpool Olympia Friday night, billed as “For One Night At The Olympia” delivering a two-set show, the first set playing their first two albums “The Cribs” and “The New Fellas” in full and a second set of Greatest Hits that reminded everyone why they’ve remained a staple in the UK music scene for over two decades. 

After the last two very wet days here in Liverpool it was nice to see that for tonight’s one-off special gig the dampness had gone and on a rather dryer night as we made our way to tonight’s venue the excitement about the show was building.

The Cribs are a British indie rock band formed in 2001, originally from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, consisting of twins Gary and Ryan Jarman and their younger brother Ross Jarman. They are known for their energetic live performances and a blend of indie rock and post-punk revival influences.

The venue, grand and well-known in terms of Liverpool’s musical past, was the perfect backdrop for a night that would we hope celebrate both nostalgia and the present vitality of the band.

As the lights dimmed and the crowd roared in anticipation, the Jarman brothers—Ryan, Gary, and Ross—emerged to a wave of cheers and applause. Launching straight into the first track from their debut album “The Cribs”  “The Watch Trick” the energy in the room was palpable. The opening riff sliced through the air, and the audience responded with an explosion of movement and singing. It’s fair to say that tonight’s venue is full of die-hard Cribs Fans, They know every word of every song and from the first song the mosh pit is in full flight. 

After almost every song, Ryan and Gary took time to address the crowd, reminiscing about the band’s early days and their connection to Liverpool. Their genuine affection for the city and its musical heritage was evident and resonated with the audience, adding an intimate touch to the evening. The band’s chemistry was electric, with Gary’s basslines thundering through the beautiful venue and Ross’ drumming providing a relentless backbone. Ryan’s guitar work was as frenetic and precise as ever, his vocals full of the passion and urgency that have always been a hallmark of The Cribs’ live performances.

The Crowd loved it and lapped up the excitement shown on stage with their ever-increasing enthusiasm for the band they so obviously love.  After a 24-song set one ending with the last track on their “The New Fellas”  album “Things Aren’t Gonna Change” it was time for a brief rest and chance to lubricate the throat maybe for both the band and the crowd



The second set of greatest hits started with “Glitters Like Gold”  from their fifth studio album “In the Belly of the Brazen Bull” The Jarman Brothers just seemed to get better and better as the night went on as did the love and enthusiasm from the crowd

 Closing with “Pink Snow,” the band left the stage to a cacophony of cheers. This was a gig nobody wanted to end but like all great things they have to. 

The Cribs’ performance at Liverpool Olympia was a testament to their enduring appeal and their ability to captivate an audience with both their music and their genuine, unpretentious stage presence. As the lights came up and the crowd slowly dispersed, there was a lingering sense of shared experience and a collective hope that The Cribs would continue to provide the soundtrack to many more nights like this.



Set One

1/ The Watch Trick

2/ You Were Always the One

3/ The Lights Went Out

4/ You & I

5/ Things You Should Be Knowing

6/ Another Number

7/ What About Me

8/ Learning How to Fight

9/ Tri’elle

10/ Baby Don’t Sweat

11/ Direction

12/ Third Outing

13/ Hey Scenesters!

14/ I’m Alright Me

15/ Martell

16/ Mirror Kissers

17/ We Can No Longer Cheat You

18/ Concrete Life

(Huggy Bear cover)

19/ It Was Only Love

10/ The New Fellas

11/ Hello? Oh…

12/ The Wrong Way to Be

13/ Haunted

14/ Things Aren’t Gonna Change



Set Two

1/ Glitters Like Gold

2/ Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant?

3/ Running Into You

4/ Cheat on Me

5/ I’m a Realist

6/ Give Good Time

7/ Back to the Bolthole

8/ Moving Pictures

9/ You’re Gonna Lose Us

10/ To Jackson

11/ Men’s Needs

12/ Be Safe

13/ Leather Jacket Love Song

14/ Pink Snow