The Heavy North Ignites a Frigid Night at Camp and Furnace, Liverpool December 1, 2023






As the biting cold of December settled over Liverpool, Camp and Furnace played host to a fiery performance by The Heavy North, transforming the frigid night into a hotbed of soulful rock and blues. The crowd, bundled up in layers, eagerly embraced the warmth generated by the band’s electrifying presence.

Following the success of last year’s sold-out headline show at the Arts Club Liverpool, the blues rock band will be performing tonight with a 12-piece band featuring Esen Nikolas Gjylaci, Lian Yip, Tim Baily and Jordan Bateman, the Northern String Quartet, backing singers Rosalie Galvin and Molly Fryo, trumpet player Lozza Taylor and saxophone player Ste Powell. So all in all a mouth-watering night to look forward to we think. 

But first up we have local lads “Ambedo Blue” to start the warming up process. We have seen these lads before when they supported “The Mysterines” at Future Yard last year. Well they have certainly come on leaps and bounds since then. They are tight and confident on stage like they have been gigging for many many years. It’s so nice to see young bands grow into their craft and Ambedo Blue look like they are going to go even further in their musical journey. Catch these guys live if you possibly can. We recommend them fully.



Next up on the Camp and Furnace stage we have “Jay Lewis” and his band. Lewis is a  singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Huyton, Liverpool. He is best known as the frontman of Liverpool band Cracatilla and guitarist with the Zutons  bassist for the band Cast, and as lead guitarist during comeback shows for seminal Liverpool group The La’s. we have also seen Jay and his own band before when they supported “Space” at the O2 Academy, Liverpool a while back. From his set you can hear his main influences being the likes of Jimmy Hendrix, Cream and Pink Floyd, you get that type of vibe from his music which is full of dreamy guitar work with the rest of his band fitting in very nicely. Lewis looks perfectly at home on stage and his talent shines though every song in his fantastic set.



The Heavy North, a local gem, took the stage with an infectious energy that defied the freezing temperatures outside. From the first chord of their opening song “Delta Shakedown”, the band seized the audience’s attention and never let go. Their fusion of blues, rock, and soul created a sonic landscape that resonated with the diverse crowd, transcending the chill in the air.

Frontman Kenny Stuart, with a new clean cut look,  led the charge with a voice that echoed through the venue, cutting through the cold like a hot knife through butter. His raw and emotive delivery injected every lyric with a sense of urgency and passion, drawing the audience into the narrative of each song.

The setlist was a carefully curated journey through The Heavy North’s repertoire, blending tracks from their latest album with crowd favorites. The band’s tight musicianship and cohesive stage presence were evident, creating a seamless flow that kept the momentum alive. The rhythm section, anchored by the powerhouse drumming of Mark Rice and the pulsating bass lines of, Andrew Horrocks  provided the backbone for the band’s sonic exploration.

Guitarist Jose Ibanez showcased his prowess with soul-stirring solos that sent shivers down the spines of the crowd, momentarily making them forget about the cold and with support from the bands other guitarist Jack Birch. The symbiotic relationship between the band members was palpable, creating a musical synergy that elevated each song to new heights.

The intimate setting of Camp and Furnace allowed for a close connection between the band and the audience. Stuart engaged in banter between songs, sharing anecdotes and creating a sense of camaraderie that transcended the typical performer-audience dynamic. The crowd responded with cheers and applause, their enthusiasm a testament to the band’s ability to forge a genuine connection.



As the night unfolded, The Heavy North’s performance became a sonic furnace, radiating warmth that permeated the venue. With the added musicians on the stage this made the bands music and sound beautifully round and thick like the best live music always sounds.  The audience, initially huddled against the cold, found themselves dancing and swaying to the rhythm, the music providing a respite from the winter chill.

In the end, The Heavy North left the stage to thunderous applause, having turned a freezing December night into a memorable musical experience. Camp and Furnace may have been cold outside, but within its walls, The Heavy North brought the heat, proving once again that their brand of soulful rock is the perfect antidote to winter’s icy grip.

I think tonight’s performance by “The Heavy North” can be best described by this quote from the great Frank Zappa

“Music, in performance, is a type of sculpture. The air in the performance is sculpted into something”


1/ Delta Shakedown

2/ Round Again

3/ Where Are You Now ?

4/ Some Good Lovin’

5/ Lying To Yourself

6/ Satisfy You

Following songs with String Quartet and Horns

7/ The Genie

8/ Darkness In Your Eyes

9/ She Gets Me Higher

10/ Give A Little Love

11/ I See You, Do You See Me?

12/ I Couldn’t Love You More

13/ Don’t Need Money

14/ Awake

15/ No Good

16/ Play It Safe

17/ Rosanna

18/ Forever Without You


19/ Gimme Shelter

20/ To The Wind I Go

21/ As Long As You’re Here With Me