One Eyed God

About The Band

“…an infectiously raucous wall of sound…”

Fusing atomic-grade drum rhythms, punchy guitars, manic bass-lines, sax driven melodies and Balkan bouzouki licks into one monstrous musical maelstrom: this five-piece combo embody the vivacious carnival atmosphere of a festival!

Energetic and powerful live performances have propelled OEG to festival must-sees regularly gracing events such as Boomtown Fair, Bearded Theory, and Equinox. Every achievement, headline slot, social media like, and merch sale has been built off of a relentless schedule of live shows both in the UK and Europe.

However, in 2021, this live energy was re-focused into finishing the next studio album ‘A Land Fit For Heroes’. Well the time is now here to release it on the world with a truly raucous launch event on 25th February 2022!

Upcoming Events:

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