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All Music Magazine is set up with four publications. International, Australia, Central Florida, and UK/Europe, for a geographic and targeted approach. Current monthly readership of 30,000 impressions.

You can have your ad display in one publication, two publications, or on all three publications. The ads display on every page of the publication and rotate with every refresh and page change.

Banner Sizes and Prices for Display in Each Publication.

Standard Rotating Horizontal 120×300 pxls   – $60/month

Large Rotating Horizontal 180×300 pxls   – $75/month

Jumbo Rotating Square 300×300 pxls   – $100/month

* Ask about pinning your ad to the top for an additional $40/Week. Limited weeks.

* Add $10 to the above prices to include event highlighting on the “Central Florida Music Live” pages.

* 10% discount for ACH payments or for 12 months paid in advance.
* 5% discount for 6 months paid in advance.
* 12 and 6 month pre-payments are non-refundable.


Sample Ad sizes

Standard 120×300 pxls

Large 180×300 pxls

Jumbo 300×300 pxls


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