38 Special Rocks Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, Florida 2-9-2022



The newly renovated Seminole Hard Rock Casino‘s concert hall in Tampa, Florida hosted 38 Special on February 9, 2022. This venue seats 1,500 and is located on the floor above the casino. There is intimate seating for all fans of Southern Rock-N-Roll on this night. 38 Special has been performing for over four decades behind founding member Don Barnes. Although the line ups have changed quite a bit, Don has been through most of the 300 yearly shows taking a bit of a hiatus himself from 1988-1991.

This night was special for me and carloads of music lovers that made the 1- hour drive, as our Orlando music community was being represented by Paul Drennan. Paul is temporarily filling in on bass for the injured and steady Barry Dunaway. There also was an unusual buzz in the crowd as friends greeted one another just before the lights went down. It was great to have seen everyone out on a Wednesday night at a Southern rock show!

Appropriately, the show started with “Rockin’ Into The Night” off the album of the 1979 album of the same name. The song was written by members of Survivor and was left off their initial album and given to 38 Special incidentally became the band’s first hit! I wasn’t sure how many songs I would remember from my turbulent and exciting 1980’s, but 38 Special kept pouring out the hits the entire show. “Back Where You Belong” 1984, “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” 1981, “Somebody Like You” 1986, “Teacher Teacher” 1984, “Fantasy Girl” 1981, and the set ended with “Caught Up In You” from 1981. The crowd became unglued and rushed up to the stage demanding more. Realizing how rowdy this audience was, the band returned to the stage with “Chain Lightning” from 1982 as the encore. The band left the stage and still, nobody was leaving, and they just got louder and louder until 38 Special returned to the stage for a second encore. “Hold On Loosely” from 1981’s Wild-Eyed Southern Boys album and the topping on the cake was “Travelin’ Band” a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover that finally sent the fans packing.

My overall impression was that 38 Special was very tight and their show was very professionally presented. From the lighting to the song selection, the show couldn’t have been better produced. I’m sure everyone in attendance was taken back in time to a wonderful time in their lives. I know I was, as I worked the show. I also noticed the age of the audience and the majority were rocking out as I was to Wild-Eyed Southern Boys in 1981! What self-respecting Southern boy didn’t relate to that album?

I want to thank the members of 38 Special, especially Don Barnes for my access covering the show. I also want to thank The Seminole Hard Rock Casino for their warm hospitality. Without full access, my images would have suffered somewhat as Gary, Paul and Bobby would have been difficult to capture located on risers at the back of the stage! Don and Jerry are just plain legions in the Southern Rock genre and a must for a Southern music journalist to cover. To B. Craig Campbell, Kenn Craig, and to all the fans! Thank you all for a great night!



Don Barnes – Guitar/Vocals

Bobby Capps – Keyboards/Vocals

Gary Moffatt – Drums

Jerry Riggs – Guitar

Paul Drennan – Bass (Touring)

Barry Dunaway – Bass (Medical Leave)






1.)  Rockin’ Into The Night 
2.)  Rough-Housin’
3.)  Back Where You Belong 
4.)  Wild-Eyed Southern Boys 
5.)  Back to Paradise
6.)  The Sound of Your Voice 
7.)  Somebody Like You 
8.)  Honky Tonk Dancer
9.)  Teacher Teacher 
10.)  You Keep Runnin’ Away 
11.)  Second Chance 
12.)  Like No Other Night 
13.)  Feelin’ Stronger Every Day   (Chicago cover) 
14.)  Ride the Storm   (Don Barnes song)
15.)  If I’d Been The One 
16.)  Fantasy Girl 
17.)  Good Times   (The Easybeats cover) 
18.)  Trooper With An Attitude
19.)  Gary Moffatt Drum Solo 
20.)  Caught Up In You 
Encore 1:
21.)  Chain Lightning 
Encore 2:
22.)  Hold On Loosely 
23.)  Travelin’ Band  (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)




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