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Effective Date January 1, 2022 


All Music Magazine cares about online privacy. All Music Magazine is a music website  that provides reviews, news, and service to venues, artists and patrons. We also help fans find local live music in Central Florida, and helping Central Florida live music find  fans. Venues and artists post information regarding themselves, and about their shows.  All Music Magazine also accepts show information from the public, and assists in posting  information in order to raise the level of completeness and accuracy. 

Personally Identifiable Information Collection and Use 

All Music Magazine is the sole owners of the information collected on this site. We only  have access to/collect information that you voluntarily give us, or which is publicly  available through internet searches. 

Users are not required to become a member, and no personally identifiable information  is collected on non-members. Minimal information is captured on users who are part of  a music venue or artist, and who wish to be registered as a member in order to have  their content on the site. Member’s profiles only consist of name, email, location, and  encrypted password that can be edited or remove their profile at any time. The  member’s email may be added to a separate email list used only to send out weekly  newsletters, and recipients are offered the option to opt out on each newsletter. 

For these members associated with venues and artists, All Music Magazine collects  member submitted name and email address to authenticate members, and to send  notifications to those members relating to, without limitation, local live music news, their  venue or artist’s content participation, and analytic results of that participation. Similarly,  our artist and venue profiles include a contact name, phone number and email address,  and these may also be used to communicate with those members relating to, without  limitation, local live music news, their venue or artist’s content participation, and analytic  results of that participation on All Music Magazine.  

The system relies on venue and artist names as the public identifier for the group  represented by the particular registered member. The free-form venue and artist profile  descriptions allow venues and artists to enter any information they choose, and some of  this publicly visible information may turn out to be personally identifiable from time to  time; venues and artists can edit their profile description at any time. 

Information in our system may be used to assist individuals connecting bands with  venues and venues with bands. Statistical summaries of venue and artist show activity  may be shared with music managers to help them match music offerings with patron  preferences. We may share artist and venue contact information to those wishing to  facilitate the booking of shows, and to other members of those same entities as a means  to help keep the information up-to-date.

Both Site Visitors and Registered Members may wish to provide us with comments and  feedback concerning All Music Magazine generally. By communicating with us for these  purposes, you may provide us with your email address and other personally identifiable  Information. In these instances, we use any information you provide to us strictly for the  

purposes for which you submit the information. We may also retain any messages you  send through the Service, and use this information to operate, maintain, and provide to  you the features and functionality of the Service. 

Anonymous, Aggregate Information 

As is standard practice on many websites, All Music Magazine also logs non-personally identifiable user information, including IP address, device and browser type, profile  information, and aggregate web page viewing data. This data is used to analyze trends,  track users’ movements around the site and gather demographic information about our  users as a whole, as necessary to improve services and administer the site. All Music  Magazine will not use the information collected to market directly to any person. This  non-personally-identifiable information may be shared with third-parties, such as ad  service providers or advertisers, to provide more relevant services and advertisements  to users. User IP addresses are recorded for security and monitoring purposes. 

All Music Magazine may send email messages which use a “click-through URL” linked to  content on the All Music Magazine or other website. When a customer clicks one of  these URLs, they pass through a web server before arriving at the destination web page.  All Music Magazine tracks this click-through data to help determine interest in particular  topics and measure the effectiveness of our customer communications. If you prefer not  to be tracked simply avoid clicking text or graphic links in the email. 


A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier,  which is sent to your browser from a website’s computers and stored on your computer’s  hard drive. Cookies can be used to provide you with a tailored user experience and to  make it easier for you to use a website upon a future visit, such as by storing your  preferred search location. We use cookies on our website to recognize you when you  return to our website and set your zip code and radius to the last one used on our site,  on that browser. If you click on a third-party advertisement on our site, that advertiser  may also set their own separate cookie, a process which would be governed by that  entity’s privacy policy. You may set your browser so that it does not accept cookies. If  you disable cookies, you can still view the publicly available information on our website;  cookies must be enabled on your web browser, however, if you wish to access certain  personalized features of our services. If you are using a shared computer and you have  cookies turned on, be sure to log off when you finish. 

Children’s Privacy 

All Music Magazine does not knowingly collect or solicit any information from anyone  under the age of 13 or knowingly allow such persons to register as members. The  Service and its content are not directed at children under the age of 13. In the event that 

we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under age 13 without  verification of parental consent, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If  you believe that we might have any information from or about a child under 13, please  contact us at Mark@AlMusicMag.com. 


All Music Magazine may disclose your personal information if required to do so by law or  in the good faith belief that such action is necessary in connection with a sale, merger,  transfer, exchange or other disposition (whether of assets, stock or otherwise) of all or a  portion of All Music Magazine, or to (1) conform to legal requirements or comply with  legal process served on All Music Magazine; (2) protect and defend the rights or  property of All Music Magazine and this website; (3) enforce its agreements with you, or  (4) act in urgent circumstances to protect personal safety or the public. 

All Music Magazine contains links to information on other websites. On websites we do  not control, we cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information  that you provide while visiting those sites. Those sites are not governed by this Privacy  

Policy, and if you have questions about how a site uses your information, consult that  site’s privacy statement. 

Notification of Changes 

From time to time, All Music Magazine may change its Privacy Policy and All Music  Magazine recommends that you consult this page regularly so that you may be informed  of any changes. By using our website, you consent to the collection and use of the  information you provide to us as outlined in this Privacy Policy. 


Your Use of our Products 

All Music Magazine welcomes you to use our products to find local live music and keep  up to date on music industry news. This site contains data and other content owned by  All Music Magazine. All Music Magazine is or may be protected by copyright, trademark,  

patent, trade secret and other laws, and All Music Magazine owns and retains all rights  in All Music Magazine’s Content. You must use our products as described in these  terms, in any accompanying documentation, and on our website. If you don’t, we may  delete your content, terminate your account, sue you, or report you to authorities. 

Although we strive for a reasonably high level of completeness and accuracy, we make  no promises of any kind regarding the completeness, accuracy or reliability of any  content on our website. In the event of unresolved errors in the show listings, Venues  own their stages and information that one of their members enters will take generally  precedence over alternative information that may be entered by others. However if All  Music Magazine becomes aware of apparently reliable information suggesting an error  or change in future show information posted by anyone with access, All Music Magazine

will endeavor to correct that information. Only a All Music Magazine member can  override information a Venue or Artist entered, and that would happen only after an  investigation or reasoned inference. 

The information we collect is for ordinary viewing in a customary fashion through a  website or mobile browser, or mobile app; nothing in All Music Magazine may be used in  any kind of commercial exploitation or otherwise replicated, displayed, transmitted or  redistributed elsewhere, by any electronic or manual means, in whole or in part. If you  have local live music relevant to your organization or establishment, linking to one of our  full and unaltered web pages is welcomed. Any other re-use, in any form, of any  information we publish is not permitted. 

We do not surreptitiously obtain data from any other website, and surreptitiously  scraping, extracting, mining, harvesting, hacking or manually copying All Music  Magazine data is not permitted. While fragments of the data we offer may have been  scattered about publicly at one time or another, the information we present has been  made uniquely valuable by All Music Magazine large and continuing investments of time  and money collecting and organizing what is, to the best of our knowledge, the only  reasonably comprehensive source of local live music in the areas we serve. If you copy  our information, we will use all legal means to stop you. 

As would seem obvious to even a casual observer, this site is not targeted at anyone  under age 13. Local live music is almost universally presented for adults of drinking age,  and transportation is normally needed to make good use of the information we present.  If you accept our terms of service, you are certifying that you are at least 13 years old. 

Your Contributions 

You must not use our products to post any content or to do something that is illegal,  actionable, violative of anyone’s rights, inauthentic, or intended to interfere with the  normal operation of our products or our other users’ enjoyment of them. Of course, you  also may not post any links that directly or indirectly enable you to do any of those  things. 

In order to make the site easy to use for everyone, we will keep an eye out for content  that we think is partly or wholly inconsistent with the intended use of each data field, or  with the overall style and tone of our products. We may edit any of that content without  notice. 

All Music Magazine will own the content you post, and by posting it you are giving us  permission to display, copy, modify, and use it in our products forever, and you are  guaranteeing to us that you have the authority to do so. One of our missions is to help  people find live music in their area every day, and we aspire to syndicate our collected  database of weekly show information, achieving greater impact and earning the funds  necessary to run our business.

Other People’s Contributions 

We do not monitor or exercise editorial control over user-posted textual content. 

When using our products, you may encounter others’ content that you find objectionable.  You are welcome to report objectionable content to us, but we cannot guarantee that we  will take any action in response, and we won’t be liable to you if we don’t. The user who  posted the objectionable content may be liable to you, however. Who knows? We leave  that to be resolved between the two of you. 

Your Identity 

Any user profile that you establish with us is for use by you alone. You must not let  anyone else use it and you are responsible for logging out if your computer is accessible  to others. You must be truthful when you identify yourself to us, and you must not  impersonate anyone else. 

When you use our website, we may collect and use data about you, as described in our  Privacy Policy. Be sure you’re OK with that before you tell us things. 

We may display advertising on your profile page. 


We do not promise any results. We cannot guarantee any level of uninterrupted service.  We are not obligated to keep our website running. We may discontinue any of them at  any time. 

Our products may include third party advertising and commercial content, and  trademarks of other organizations. We endorse none of that and are not responsible for  any of it. Follow links to other websites at your own risk. 

Our products are provided “as is” and we disclaim all warranties, express and implied,  including fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, and noninfringement. We may  change the product at any time, and we may leave you to find out what changed on your  own. 

We won’t be liable to you for any reason. The most we can be ordered to pay you under  any circumstances is the amount of money you have paid us in the prior 30 days. You  will have no right to seek equitable relief against us. 

Let’s try to resolve our disputes amicably and professionally. We don’t want to go to  court and neither do you. But if we must, it will be in Orange County, Florida.

If We Terminate Your Account 

We can suspend your access to some or all of our services, terminate your account, or  delete any of your content for any reason or no reason without notice. If we terminate  your account, we will probably delete all your content, but we might not. 

If we charge you fees for the use of any portion of our products and then we must terminate your account because you have violated these terms, we won’t owe you a  refund. 


While most of our services are free, some are not. All subscription, advertising and  report purchases are final and may renew automatically based on the terms of your  selected package. Because of the nature of these packages, refunds are not typical and  are issued at the sole discretion of All Music Magazine, usually via website credit.  Unless you notify All Music Magazine of any discrepancies or unauthorized charges  within thirty (30) days after they first appear on your payment statement, they will be  deemed accepted by you. 

These Terms 

These terms are governed and enforced by Florida law. 

If we change these terms, we’ll post the changes on our website and you can decide  whether to keep using our products subject to the changed terms. 

All Music Magazine reserves the right to assign its rights and obligations under these  Terms.