A Fitting Revenge drops Omnipresence July 1 2022


The Rochester, New York death metal band A Fitting Revenge is set to release their second full length album “Omnipresence” July 1, 2022. This multi-dimensional metal band really showcases their talents on this release moving flawlessly between melodic instrumental bits to blistering paced riffs. This album covers it all.

This album begins with an ethereal interlude on “The Performance” that introduces the listener to the band’s musical prowess. This also highlights the production skills of Jack Daniels (War of Ages).  As the music builds up speed, the listener is led in to aggressive guitar riffs and griding vocals pausing only for a few seconds at a time to deliver some crisp, clean lead guitar riffs.

 The first single off “Omnipresence” is “The Overthrow”. This song creeps up on you for the first 15 to 20 seconds then slaps you in the face with the full force of their power. Towards the middle of the track they slow it down into melodic guitar riffs only to ramp it back up to a climactic end. 



 My standout tracks are the last three on the album. “The Monarchy Pt.1” , “The Monarchy Pt.2” and “The Monarchy Pt. 3”. Pt.1 is a mostly instrumental track. The vocals that are there seem to take a backseat to the music in an almost ghost-like manner. Pt.2 hits hard and heavy. The vocals are now upfront and the guitars and drums are hard and fast but yet still, the melodic lead guitar shines through. Pt.3 slows it back down, sort of. The guitars are now slower and more methodical yet the drums are still going full tilt. This works incredibly well to set the tone for the end of the album. The vocals are, however, still in your face as if they didn’t want it to end quite yet.

This is a technically sound album with great production and incredible musicians. If you are a connoisseur of death metal or even hard rock music. This is probably right up your alley. Do yourself a favor, pick up this album or add it to your streaming list. I, personally, hope they announce a tour soon because I think they will be incredible live. Who knows? Maybe I will see you in the pit!


Overall, I give this 8/10 stars.





A Fitting Revenge are:

Ledwing Hernandez – Vocals (lead), Guitars

Lucy M – Bass 

Brian Steinman -Guitars 

Cody Rivers – Drums


Track List:
1. The Performance
2. The Infinite
3. The Inquisition
4. The Collapse
5. The Kingmachine
6. The Wheel
7. The Reprieve
8. The Freeze
9. The Overthrow
10. The Monarchy Pt. 1
11. The Monarchy Pt. 2
12. The Monarchy Pt. 3





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