A Harmonious Celebration of Female Artists – The Corrs Down Under Tour Concert at Adelaide Entertainment Centre, South Australia on November 2, 2023


Words by Louise Miller/Photography by Deb Kloeden 


 As I hurriedly made my way through the bustling city traffic, the promise of an evening filled with incredible female voices and family harmonies awaited me. The Corrs’ Down Under Australian Tour, featuring special guests Natalie Imbruglia, Toni Childs, and the talented Adelaide Trio Germein, unfolded at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on November 2nd, 2023.

Local Gems Shining Bright The Germein Sisters—Georgia, Ella, and Clara—burst onto the stage, radiating positivity and infectious energy, immediately engaging the audience. Their set, though brief, left a lasting impression with powerful harmonies, exceptional musicianship, and heartfelt lyrics. Their performance of songs like “Hundred Years,” “Good for the Girl,” “Suitcase,” and “Sunshine” showcased their world-class talent and gratitude for their local roots in Adelaide, a sentiment shared by many in the audience.



Georgia Germein – Guitar

Ella Germein – Bass

Clara Germein – Drums




An Ethereal Journey into the Past and Future Toni Childs set a mesmerizing tone, gracing the stage in an elegant, decorated white dress and flowing coat with her long brown hair cascading down. As she sang her Aria award-winning hit, “I’ve Got to Go Now,” her unique, velvety voice sent shivers down my spine. With a setlist that seamlessly blended old classics like “Stop Your Fussin” and “Don’t Walk Away” with meditative, soulful songs like “Lift” and “I Believe in You,” Toni took the audience on a spiritual journey. The night culminated in an intimate connection with the crowd as she ventured into the audience, singing heartfelt lyrics that resonated with fans young and old.





1.) I’ve Got to Go Now

2.) Stop Your Fussin

3.) House of Hope

4.) Don’t Walk Away

5.) (New Song)

6.) Lift

7.) I Believe in You


A Breath of Fresh Air Natalie Imbruglia brought an aura of pure joy to the stage as she graced us in a white party dress and black boots. Her performance was a delightful mix of nostalgic hits from her past albums and fresh songs from her 2021 album, “Firewood.” The crowd’s energy was palpable as they sang along to classics like “Wrong Impression” and “Shiver” and grooved to the new tunes, including “On My Way,” “Build It Better,” “Just Like Old Times,” and “Maybe It’s Great.” Natalie’s male backing vocals added depth and character to her songs, and an unreleased track, “Habit,” hinted at exciting things to come. The night’s climax arrived with the iconic “Torn,” leaving the crowd euphoric.





1.) What It Feels Like

2.) Wishing I Was There

3.) Wrong Impression

4.) Shiver

5.) On My Way

6.) Maybe It’s Great

7.) Build It Better

8.) Leave Me Alone

9.) Smoke

10.) Just Like Old Times

11.) Habit

12.) Torn  (Ednaswap cover)

13.) Big Mistake


A Dazzling Return to Adelaide The Corrs, renowned for their Irish Celtic-infused pop, graced the stage with an impressive, largerthan-life presence. Adorned in glittering outfits that matched the sparkle in their music, Andrea, Sharon, and Caroline Corr brought an electrifying atmosphere to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, after a two-decade absence from the city. From their power ballads like “Only When I Sleep” to heartwarming Fleetwood Mac tributes with songs like “Little Lies” and “Dreams,” the Corrs effortlessly showcased their musicianship and sisterly harmonies.

As the night progressed, the Corrs’ performance of hits like “So Young,” “I Never Loved You Anyway,” and “Runaway” had the entire audience on their feet, a testament to the enduring power of their music and the tight bond of family that defines their artistry. In a final, electrifying act, the Corrs left the crowd wanting more with “Breathless” and “Toss the Feathers,” proving that their music transcends time and continues to captivate audiences. In conclusion, the Corrs Down Under Tour, enriched with the enchanting presence of Natalie Imbruglia, Toni Childs, and the talented Germein, proved to be an unforgettable celebration of powerful female voices and family harmonies. This night will linger in the hearts of Adelaideans for years to come, a testament to the timeless magic of music.



Jim Corr – Guitar

Sharon Corr – Violin/Keyboards/Backing Vocals

Caroline Corr – Drums/Percussion/Bodhran/Piano/Backing Vocals

Andrea Corr – Tin Whistle/Lead Vocals

Keith – Bass





1.) Only When I Sleep

2.) Give Me a Reason

3.) Summer Sunshine

4.) Erin Shore/Forgiven Not Forgotten

5.) What Can I Do

6.) Little Lies  (Fleetwood Mac cover)

7.) Don’t Say You Love Me

8.) Little Wing  (The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)

9.) No Frontiers  (Jimmy MacCarthy cover)

10.) Joy of Life / Trout in the Bath

11.) Ellis Island

12.) Haste to the Wedding

13.) Radio

14.) Queen of Hollywood

15.) Dreams  (Fleetwood Mac cover)

16.) So Young

17.) I Never Loved You Anyway


18.) Runaway

19.) Breathless

20.) Toss The Feathers






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