Accept’s “Too Mean to Die Tour” with Narcotic Wasteland and Lost Circus at The Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville, Tennessee 9-29-22



The weather in Nashville, TN is just starting to cool down, but inside the Brooklyn Bowl Thursday night, it was heating up!

Accept kicked off their “Too Mean to Die Tour” in the town where the majority of the current lineup lives, Nashville. Brooklyn Bowl is a very trendy venue with a bowling alley attached, but not a single pin dropped on Thursday night as the crowd was pressed against the barricade in anticipation for the show ahead!

Nashville-based “Lost Circus” opened the show with their hard-hitting set. Their music is reminiscent of the good old days of Rock and Metal with a modern edge. A little digging into the history of this band will show you that even Eddie Trunk from “That Metal Show”, has enjoyed their music. I have to say, it seemed the whole audience was in agreement with Eddie!


Lost Circus is:

Steve Libby – Vocals

Bryan Blumer – Guitar

Kenny Knight – Guitar

Chad Grant – Bass

Tom Gregory – Drums



Lost Circus Set List:

1.Broken Shadows

2. She’s a Fire

3. Scream

4. I Just Wish

5. Ashes

6. Fear of Falling

7. This Place is Mad


Narcotic Wasteland was up next.  With a totally different vibe than Lost Circus, Narcotic Wasteland brought us, both audibly and visually to the world of Thrash Metal.  Narcotic Wasteland’s name comes from the band’s experiences in a military town full of drugs and PTSD.  Their songs, like “Pharma Culture” and “Bleed and Swell” speak to the struggles that come from that world. The band’s songs speak an important message, one that our entire country should listen to.


Narcotic Wasteland is:

Dallas Toler-Wade – Vocals and Guitar

Chris Corcione – Bass

Joseph Howard – Touring Drums

Brett Lee – Touring Guitar



Narcotic Wasteland Setlist:

1.Pharma Culture

2. Bleed and Swell

3. Keeping Up With the Jones

4. Victim of the Algorithm

5. Delirium Tremens


Accept kicked off their American Tour with a new band featuring a few Americans. This lineup, with the notable difference of three guitar players, brings a wall of guitar sound, the added energy of Phil Shouse and Uwe Lulis, as well as absolute PRECISION guitar harmonies. The chemistry between Hoffman and Shouse is palpable and kept the crowd engaged the entire night. Christopher Williams brings a new energy with his hard-hitting drums. His massive double bass drum kit sits high on the stage and while Williams is in the shadows visually, his sound is out front. He wore a shirt in tribute to Joey Jordison (Slipnot’s late drummer), who passed away in July 2021. Martin Motnik played in lockstep with Williams.  Motnik delivered huge backing vocals and solid bass lines. The intro to Teutonic Terror was one of the many places Motnik shined and the iconic bass line kept that song running through my mind for a few days following the show.

Mark Tornillo has been fronting the band since 2009, and never disappoints.  This show was no exception. And last, but not least, Wolf Hoffmann absolutely commanded the stage. It seems from appearances that Hoffmann expects a lot of himself and equally as much from his band. The exactness of the execution of the songs as well as the choreographed moves proves the amount of effort and hours of rehearsal that went into preparing for this tour.

Accept played a great mix of new and old songs with some deep cuts as well.  About mid-set, they played a medley of classic Accept songs, making sure the fans left hearing what they wanted to hear for the night. The “Too Mean To Die Tour” has 21 more US dates between now and the end of October, and then kicks off internationally in January.  Find a show near you here.


Accept Lineup:

Wolf Hoffmann – Guitar

Mark Tornillo – Vocals

Philip Shouse – Guitar

Uwe Lulis – Guitar

Martin Motnik – Bass

Christopher Williams – Drums



Accept Setlist:

1.Zombie Apocalypse

2. Symphony of Pain

3. Restless and Wild

4. Overnight Sensation

5. Hung Drawn and Quartered

6. The Abyss

7. Midnight Mover

8. Medley

9. No Shelter

10. The Best is Yet to Come

11. Shadow Soldiers

12. Princess of the Dawn

13. Fast as a Shark

14. Metal Heart

15. Teutonick Terror

16. Pandemic

17: Son of a Bitch

18. Balls to the Wall

19. I’m a Rebel






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