Ace Cafe and Festival Vapes Bring Tribute Bands, The Dirtt, Shoot To Thrill, and Great Scott to Rock Orlando, Florida 11-19-2022



Orlando Florida’s weather this time of year is nearly perfect and on November 19, 2022, it was typical for this time of year. It’s a boot and light jacket type of weather. There was a crispness in the air with a light mist of rain that you can easily breathe in, with wanting more. Harley Davidsons, pickups with big tires, and sport bikes were scattered about the parking lot when I arrived. Ace Cafe Orlando was surprisingly bigger than it looked at first glance as it stretched to the back of a huge property. The entryway facing the Orlando Lynx bus exchange was clean and well lit. Left side of the stage had a large “L” shaped nook with seats high enough to witness the mosh pit and or crowd surfing from a comfy cushioned seat. A great atmosphere to watch a concert for sure.  

Upon arrival at a little after 6:00pm, Great Scott, a tribute band that covers Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver was already to rock the stage. Great Scott was cool with the band members all wearing all black leather and dope boots. The guitar players grooved as they jammed in perfect time to all the great songs. The lead singer wore a glittery hat and spectrum goggles that matched perfectly with his range of tones mimicking the great late Scott Weiland. He even danced with the  audience being playful and inviting. The audience really enjoyed his interaction. In all, Great Scott was entertaining and very much reminded me of Weiland with these two bands.



The second band, Shoot to Thrill, an AC/DC tribute band amped the night up with “Thunderstruck” and the finger picking of the  “Angus Young”  impersonation was on point. His energy was unmatched as he spun and kicked on stage like a tornado. Then he gathers up that energy and  jumps off stage recharging  the audience with his high voltage as he continues to rock on. The audience was amazed by his rendition of energy similar to Angus Young. That is just the beginning of the set. The lead vocal sounded and looked just like Brian Johnson. The rest of the band was really on point as Shoot To Thrill’s performance was full of energy and very close to AC/DC’s sets seen in the past.



The Dirrt, a tribute band to Motley Crue is everything you can expect from a metal band. Big hair, black eye liner, tight leather pants and lots of alcohol. They represented Motley Crue to the T.  Logan Fingerhut, on lead guitar, knocked me back with his powerful boastful playing. They sounded and looked exactly like Motley Crue.  Tommy Are, the drummer, harmonized with the band and kept us jumping to his rhythm. Steven Green, the lead singer is just flawless with his vocals and together with Stephen McNeill on Bass guitar, they assaulted us with their dynamic gift of portraying Motley Crue. Very well done! These were tribute bands giving it everything they had, and on a Saturday night in downtown Orlando, everyone in attendance felt at one time during their performances, that they were the real deal!



Steven Green – Lead Vocals (Vince Neil)

Tommy Are – Drums (Tommy Lee)

Logan Fingerhut – Guitar (Mick Mars)

Stephen McNeill – Bass (Nikki Sixx)





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