Adelaide Rockers AUDIO REIGN, Release New Single, Breathe. New Record, The Perfect Sea, Coming May 10



Adelaide Rockers Release New Single, Breathe
New Record, The Perfect Sea, Coming May 10


Boasting a lethal combination of razor sharp musicianship and blisteringly catchy anthems, Audio Reign are the epitome of classic heavy rock. 

After rocking the nation over the last several months with tracks like MotorwayLast In Line and Relentless, the band have upped the ante with Breathe.



A heaving, rolling rock monster the track pulses with its inhale/exhale rhythm.
The band sum up Breathe perfectly, 


“Breathe is a song about living the rock lifestyle to the extreme, with the turbulent and chaotic highs and dramatic lows that come with it.  It’s easy to lose your way on the journey and it can be a real challenge to keep everything in balance.
This song speaks of the realisation that things have gotten out of control and knowing that it’s time to reset and find yourself again. It’s not about quitting or saying goodbye to what you do, but more about stepping off and resetting, so you can return with a clearer, stronger, focused mind.” 

Breathe, comes from the band’s forthcoming new album, The Perfect Sea, due for released on May 10 via XMusic.

The Perfect Sea was born amidst the tumult of the Covid era which can be heard within the lyrics of songs such as Relentless and Motorway (the bands promise to themselves and their fans). This 18-month labor of love is a testament to their resilience and determination to rise up stronger than ever.

Audio Reign’s signature blend of diverse emotions and energies ensures that there’s a song for every listener on this powerhouse of an album. The album is a rollercoaster of emotions that will take you from the energetic highs to the depths of the ocean floor and back again. This album isn’t just meant to be heard; it’s meant to be felt.

The band has this message for their fans “The Perfect Sea is a song and album dedicated to our fans. It’s a huge thankyou for sticking by us during the hard times and for being there loyal, loud and ready to sail us into the bright new realm of the Reign.

We cannot wait to take this album on the road and deliver its raw power to you all… LIVE!
We are nothing without you… Thank you AR family”


The Perfect Sea, will be released on May 10



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