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New Model Army


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“Unbroken” not only adds another great chapter to New Model Army’s celebrated career, but also invites listeners to embark on a sonic odyssey with the unbroken spirit that defines us all.


In the vast ocean of alternative rock, few bands can claim a heritage as rich and durable as New Model Army. Formed during the post-punk era way back in 1980, they have distinguished themselves with their unique blend of alternative rock, punk energy, and socially conscious lyrics.  Songs like “Christian Militia” and the anthemic “51st State” demonstrating their ability to tackle socio-political topics while upholding a powerful and accessible musicality. The bands legacy lies not only in the music they’ve created but also in their steadfast commitment to artistic honesty and the steadfast spirit of defiance that has defined them since their beginning. A case in point is “I Did Nothing Wrong” a song inspired by the current Post Office scandal from their latest album release “Unbroken”.  An album that once again cements the bands status as pioneers, but also demonstrates an undeniable creative energy that refuses to be confined by the boundaries of time.

Album opener, “First Summer After” with its soft acoustic guitars blending seamlessly with Justin’s distinctive vocals, creates an atmosphere of reflection serving as a bridge between the bands past and their present. “Language” introduces a dynamic shift in tempo and energy. The driving rhythm section propelling the song forward, accompanied by anthemic guitar and bass. The anthemic chorus delivered with passion and intensity underscoring the urgency of the songs message. The track standing as a testament to New Model Army’s ability to infuse social commentary into their music without compromising on sonic prowess. The distorted guitars and relentless percussion of “Reload” inject a dose of raw, unbridled dark energy. It  creates a sonic panorama that is both formidable and revitalising and makes it a standout track that demands attention and embodies the enduring, unyielding spirit of the band.

The album takes a contemplative path with “I Did Nothing Wrong”, a powerful folk-rock song inspired by the Post Office scandal. The acoustic simplicity of the track allowing Sullivan’s poignant lyrics to take centre stage. His vocals navigating the emotional content with authenticity and depth. The stripped-down arrangement accentuating the emotional weight of the narrative.  Contemplation continues with the atmospheric instrumentation of “Cold Wind”, its haunting melody evoking a sense of desolation, the lyrics, delivered with a sense of vulnerability.  “If I Am Still Me” is musically delicate allowing lyrics to shine whilst the acoustic arrangement, coupled with Sullivan’s soulful vocals in “Idumea” create a sense of introspection and tranquillity. The song’s ethereal quality serving as a moment of further respite, allowing the listener to reflect on the emotional landscape they’ve heard.



Bursting forward with a powerful and anthemic energy, “Legend” creates a sense of urgency that permeates the entire track.  Another standout track, “Do You Really Want to Go There?” unfolds as a sonic exploration, featuring intricate guitar work and atmospheric bass layers. The dynamic shifts in the arrangement, coupled with Sullivan’s evocative vocals, creating a sense of tension and release. Closing the album is “Deserters”, a masterful conclusion that encapsulates the thematic threads woven throughout “Unbroken” The track carries a sense of finality, both in its arrangement and lyricism. As the song’s fading notes leave a lingering echo, they invite me to revisit the album immediately.

“Unbroken” stands as a testament to New Model Army’s indomitable spirit and musical prowess, the album  a sonic tapestry that weaves together diverse elements creating a journey through time and emotion. From the anthemic energy of “Reload” to the introspective beauty of “Idumea” each track on the album contributes to a cohesive narrative. The band’s ability to seamlessly blend acoustic and electronic elements showcasing their artistic evolution while staying true to the core elements that define their sound.

Through the years, New Model Army’s discography has become a chronicle of human experience, addressing themes of love, war, social injustice, and personal introspection. “Unbroken” not only adds another great chapter to New Model Army’s celebrated career, but also invites listeners to embark on a sonic odyssey with the unbroken spirit that defines us all.

Unbroken is released on January 26th, 2024, via earMUSIC . Get it now!





First Summer After



I Did Nothing Wrong

Cold Wind

Coming Or Going

If I am Still Me


Do You Really Want To Go There?




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