Alter Bridge Releases Their Seventh Studio Album ‘Pawns & Kings’ on October 14, 2022







True since their formation in 2004, Alter Bridge has released a studio album like clockwork every three years. From the ashes of the band Creed, this Orlando band’s latest, Pawns & Kings showcases the bands heavy, yet melodic style with Tremonti’s guitar work blistering on all tracks. Myles Kennedy shows why his range and tone are unequaled in the rock or the metal world. Each track is held together by the glue of bassist Brian Marshall, the drumming of Scott Philips, and Myles Kennedy’s rhythm axe work completing the overall flavor of each track.

Alter Bridge is no longer a progressive metal band as Pawns & Kings is a true metal album complete with a ballad, “Stay”, in the middle.  Your attention is immediately grabbed from the start by the first track, “This Is War”, a song about the inner daily struggles of human kind and how we respond to the choices we make. Track two “Dead Among The Living” continues with how we respond to the choices we make. Both tracks have incredible vocals from Kennedy and blistering guitar riffs from Tremonti.  They are great listens and satisfying for the most sophisticated heavy metal palate. Oh but don’t stop there, keep going there is so much more. 




“Holiday” track 6 is an anthem of sorts with an upbeat rhythm about starting over.  “I Spread my wings and fly” is the key lyric to the song. The eighth track, “Fable Of The Silent Son”, is the longest song on the album and starts out acoustically, then a tempo change in to a heavy hard rock song. The complexity of the piece is mesmerizing to the ears!



The bravado of Pawns & Kings is off the charts and marks a deeper and heavier metal path for Alter Bridge in this 10 song masterpiece. Pawns & Kings punches you right in the teeth from the start with the first track, “This is War“, and follows through with a punch to the back of the head, ending the album with the title track “Pawns & Kings.” I believe this is the best of Alter Bridge, and this album marks greats things moving forward!

In looking to find a theme to the overall message of the album, it’s clear the hidden message ingrained within this heavy metal album is beware of the choices you make!

I choose a rating of




Pawns & Kings Tracks:

1.) This Is War      4:04

2.) Dead Among The Living     4:52

3.) Silver Tongue    4:19

4.) Sin After Sin   6:42

5.) Stay    4:37

6.) Holiday    3:59

7.) Fable Of The Silent Son    8:22

8.) Season Of Promise    4:52

9.) Last Man Standing     5:33

10.) Pawns And Kings    6:18



Alter Bridge:

Myles Kennedy – lead and backing vocals, rhythm and lead guitar

Mark Tremonti – lead and rhythm guitar, backing and lead vocals

Brian Marshall – bass

Scott Phillips – drums, percussion



About Alter Bridge:

Since 2004, acclaimed rockers Alter Bridge have been known for their memorable riffs, infectious vocal melodies and dueling guitar attack that has garnered them critical and fan acclaim around the globe. Now the quartet comprised of Myles Kennedy on vocals/guitars, Mark Tremonti on guitars/vocals, Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums are back with their most-aggressive collection of songs to date. The band’s seventh album Pawns & Kings is scheduled for worldwide release on October 14th via Napalm Records. The album is comprised of 10 all-new epic tracks that are sure to garner the band new fans around the globe while satiating their fervent supporters that have been patiently waiting for new music from the band. Pawns & Kings found Alter Bridge reuniting with longtime collaborator and producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette to create a collection of memorable new additions to band’s impressive catalog.





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