An Electrifying Night of Pop: The Aces and Belot Shine Bright at Manchester Academy 2, August 28th, 2023″





On Monday, August 28th, 2023, music enthusiasts flocked to Manchester Academy 2 in anticipation of an electrifying evening featuring the American Synth-pop alternative rockers, The Aces Band. This marked a significant upgrade in venue, moving from Gorilla, and the promise of a night filled with power pop, sincere lyrics, and a crowd-engaging performance was palpable. Providing support for the evening was Belot, a pop enthusiast who exudes a deep passion for the genre.

Belot’s love for pop music is evident in her every move; it’s an integral part of her being. Her songwriting is a delightful contagion, both infectious and humorously engaging, embodying the essence of pure pop. She’s a genre connoisseur, often waking up with a melody in her head and tirelessly working on it until it’s captured on tape before breakfast. Beyond her songwriting prowess, Belot is a captivating performer, effortlessly connecting with her audience. Throughout the show, she engages in banter, shares anecdotes, and expresses her heartfelt gratitude. Her stage presence is playful and flirtatious, teasing the crowd with seductive moves and gestures, creating an atmosphere so fun and intimate that you feel like a part of her world. Standout tracks like “Harmless Fun” and “Kiss You” perfectly encapsulate her engaging artistry.



The Aces, hailing from Provo, Utah, are an American alternative pop band consisting of guitarist Katie Henderson, bassist McKenna Petty, and sisters Alisa Ramirez (drums) and Cristal Ramirez (lead vocals and guitars). While they are sometimes labeled as a “girl band” or “girl group” due to their all-female lineup, they prefer to be recognized simply as a “band.” Their music transcends gender boundaries, a sentiment they’ve expressed in interviews, championing recognition for their music above all else and showing unwavering support for fellow female artists in the industry.

As The Aces graced the stage, it was immediately apparent that they were there to have a blast and provide an exhilarating experience that would compel everyone to dance and sing along. They kicked off the night with “Always Get This,” instantly captivating the near-capacity crowd at Academy 2. “Girls Make Me Wanna Die” delivered a sugar-rush of pop goodness, exploring the complexities of first queer love in the digital era. “Suburban Blues” received a thunderous reception, with the crowd savoring every moment. “I’ve Loved You for So Long” introduced more adventurous and intimate sounds into the mix. The band’s trademark exuberant choruses and feel-good guitar riffs, coupled with their candid and relatable lyrics about love, life, and growing up, created an unbreakable bond with their fans. They interacted throughout the show, exhibiting charismatic personalities on stage, sharing jokes, and narrating stories. Lead singer Cristal Ramirez, in particular, was a dynamic and expressive force, captivating the audience with her movements and engagement

Concluding their set with “Daydream” and delivering a well-deserved encore performance of “Stuck,” The Aces left an indelible mark, confirming their trajectory towards even greater heights. If you seek a concert experience that leaves you elated and inspired, witnessing The Aces Band live is an absolute must. They are undeniably one of the finest pop bands of their generation, and their live performance is an unforgettable spectacle.



Set List:

1/ Always Get This Way

2/ Don’t Freak

3/ Solo

4/ My Phone is Trying to Kill Me

5/ Girls Make Me Wanna Die

6/ Not the Same

7/ Stay

8/ I Can Break Your Heart Too

9/ Miserable

10/ Suburban Blues

11/ Person

12/ Attention

13/ Volcanic Love

14/ Stop Feeling

15/ I’ve Loved You for So Long

16/ Younger

17/ Daydream


18. Stuck