Andy Curran (Coney Hatch) Talks About Envy Of None, His New Project With Rush’s Alex Lifeson 3/28/2022



Andy Curran, bassist and co-lead vocalist of Canadian legends Coney Hatch, talks about his new project with Rush‘s Alex Lifeson called Envy Of None. Andy gives us the ins and outs of forming the band and how their unique sound was constructed. Andy also discusses singer Maiah Wynne and her influence on the band’s sound. He tells us whether or not the departure in musical style from Rush and Coney Hatch was intentional, if they were concerned with fans not liking this new direction, and the importance of the album cover art.

Will there be a tour?

Will we see more music from Envy Of None in the future?

Be sure to enjoy every second of this deep dive into the Envy Of None project with the graciously warm and friendly Andy Curran as he answers these questions and more!!



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