Apocalypse Blues Revival Brings The Soul To Lake Concord Park In Casselberry, Florida May 29, 2021




It was probably around a month ago when I saw the first advertisement. A Memorial Day weekend concert featuring The Apocalypse Blues Revival was going to be held just 5 minutes from my home. I knew it was going to be a busy week, but there was no way I was going to miss out on this show. The venue for tonight’s event was Lake Concord Park in Casselberry. Situated just off U.S. Highway 17-92, the park is home to numerous sculptures, an art house, fountains, splash pad and a playground. The car show and concert was scheduled to be the city’s 1st big event in more than a year. The stage was located next to Lake Concord overlooked a picturesque lawn shaded by a canopy of trees. When I arrived I saw that a large crowd had already assembled in their lawn chairs spread out in front of the stage, obviously wanting to secure a good viewing spot. The city’s annual vintage car show was also taking place and I had just enough time to take a quick lap through and check out the awesome rides. The mesmerizing Orlando Predator Dancers were also on hand to entertain the crowd. As I made my way to the stage I couldn’t help but notice the darkening of the previous blue sky. With fingers crossed, I got in position and awaited the start of the show and after a brief Memorial Day presentation before the band took the stage.



The Apocalypse Blues Revival is the brainchild of drummer Shannon Larkin,  guitarist Tony Rombola, and bassist Brian Carpenter. Larkin and Rombola are well known for their work in the rock supergroup Godsmack. It was their efforts to create a blues project that finally evolved into the Apocalypse Blues Revival. Freviously, the band was originally called Blue Cross and then The Apocalypse Blues Revue. With the addition of a new vocalist Shane Hall, the band became The Apocalypse Blues Revival. Their self-titled debut album was released last year and has already garnered positive recognition.

As the clouds threatened to open up, the guys started their set much to the delight of the large crowd in attendance. What is usually a peaceful and quiet place, now echoed the beautiful and soulful music being delivered by The Apocalypse Blues Revival. The always animated Shane Hall was right at home, standing center stage while serenading the crowd with his passionate and stirring vocals. Tony Rombola’s guitar mastery was on full display throughout the show, especially during songs such as “Can’t Shake the Blues.” Whether it was the slow and moody “Way to Go” or the upbeat “A Gecko Pt.2 The Endless Possibility of Water”. Larkin set and maintained great tempo throughout the set. The ultra cool and mysterious Bassgod, Carpenter was on point and I was truly amazed at how well this group gels together. The band’s performance of “Optimystic” was nothing short of masterful.   Aside from a few short-lived raindrops, the weather held out and the show was a success. If you are a fan of the blues or are searching for a unique vibe, I highly recommend that you give The Apocalypse Blues Revival a listen. If you find yourself in the Casselberry area and are in need of some relaxation or just want to get outside, stop by Lake Concord Park.



Shane Hall – Lead Vocals

Tony Rombola – Lead Guitar

Shannon Larkin – Drums

Brian Carpenter – Bass





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