Apocalyptica and Lacuna Coil Hits the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, California on April 17, 2022


Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022 outing took me to the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, California. Built in 1909, this room is gorgeous, With it’s 35 foot ceiling and blonde hardwood floors, the Regency sounds as good as it looks.

Lacuna Coil was up first. Having been a fan for years, this was my first time seeing them live.  It was worth the wait to see them. They sounded amazing as they flowed through their set. Andrea’s growling vocals were the perfect compliment to Christina’s crisp clean vocals. The guitar and bass players as well as the drummer all came out in full white face makeup and set the stage for what was to come.  My personal highlights came in the middle of the set with “Heavens a Lie” and “Save Me” though, ever song was on point. You could tell, they were really excited to be back on the road.


Lacuna Coil are:

Andrea Ferro — male vocals

Marco Coti Zelati — bass, keyboards, guitars

Cristina Scabbia — female vocals

Diego “Didi” Cavalotti — guitars

Richard Meiz — drums




Lacuna Coil set list:

1). Blood, Tears, Dust

2). Trip the Darkness

3). Reckless

4). Apocalypse

5). Layers of Time

6). Heaven’s a Lie

7). Save Me

8). Veneficium

9). Our Truth

10). Nothing Stands in Our Way



What do you get when combine three classically trained cello players and a jazz drummer who are all into metal music? You get the Finnish band Apocalyptica. Then, when you stir in the Las Vegas, Nevada native crooner Franky Perez, you get a band that ticks all the boxes. 

 Apocalyptica hit the stage and the crowd went wild. This was the first time seeing them live and I was blown away. The way they worked their cellos was like nothing I have seen before. These guys are rockers! The first three songs were all instrumentals. The fourth brought out Franky Perez on vocals. Franky can sing with the best of them and he belted out the next two songs, “I’m Not Jesus” (original vocals by Corey Taylor) and “Not Strong Enough”. The next three instrumentals were full of energy and style. Franky came back out for their new single “I’ll Get Through It”. This is a Grammy worthy song. They followed that up with the title track from the “Shadowmaker” album. 

Apocalyptica is probably best known for their Metallica covers. Tonight was no different. When they broke into “Nothing Else Matters” the whole audience turned it into a sing along. It was pretty special hearing the choral sounds of 500 plus people all singing along to the cello version. Next was “Seek and Destroy”. Much harder but, the crowd didn’t miss a beat singing along. 

The encore finished up with Edvard Greig‘s “In the Hall of the Mountain King”.  Norwegian classical music never rocked so hard! All said and done, these guys are stellar and put on an amazing show. The next time they come through town I will be there. I hope you will too.


Apocalyptica are:

Eicca Toppinen – bandleader, lead cello (original and occasional role) rhythm cello (current role), programming 

Paavo Lötjönen – rhythm/bass cello

Perttu Kivilaakso – lead cello (current role), programming, rhythm cello

Mikko Sirén – drums, percussion, programming

Franky Perez – Guest vocals





Apocalyptica set list:

1). Ashes of the Modern World

2). Path

3). Grace

4). I’m Not Jesus (with Franky Perez)

5). Not Strong Enough (with Franky Perez)

6). Rise

7). En Route to Mayhem

8). Scream for the Silent

9). I’ll Get Through It (with Franky Perez)

10). Shadowmaker (with Franky Perez)

11). I Don’t Care (with Franky Perez)

12). Nothing Else Matters

13). Inquisition Symphony

14). Seek & Destroy


15). Farewell

16). In the Hall of the Mountain King (Edvard Grieg cover)




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