Architects Made Their Canadian Return To REBEL, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on May 2nd, 2024



There was no question it was going to be an entertaining night in Toronto’s REBEL on a warm Thursday evening. Long-time metalcore giants Architects kicked off the first leg of their US/Canada tour with their first Canadian show in five years. After the COVID-19 pandemic and visa issues denied Architects to perform here twice, there was obvious hype and anticipation when the Toronto date was announced late last year. A sold-out crowd of 2,500 excited fans came to see the return of Architects on Canadian soil. 

Sheffield metalcore band While She Sleeps returned to Toronto for the first time since their first headlining US/Canada tour in early 2020. This felt like a full circle moment for me because they were the band that got me started listening to metalcore and heavier styles of music. Their set was spectacular from start to finish, with Lawrence Taylor running side to side singing vocals and screams and Sean Long executing his guitar solos on “Silence Speaks” and the emotional rock ballad “To The Flowers” from their latest album, SELF HELL released in late March. Here’s to the fans and myself hoping it won’t be long before While She Sleeps returns to Canada for another headlining tour in the near future.



Lawrence “Loz” Taylor – Lead vocalist

Mat Welsh – Rhythm guitars, vocals

Sean Long – Lead guitars, backing vocals

Aaran McKenzie – Bass

Adam “Sav” Savage – Drummer








5. Slience Speaks




Of Mice & Men were the following openers, and the audience was treated to a captivating set of classical metalcore music by a long-time band from California. The crowd sang through the nine-song set from beginning to end, which showed the band’s longevity of their music. Frontman Aaron Pauley smiled with the audience as the rest of the band nailed their performances. As the circle pit and crowd-surfing were happening through the set, the crowd was pumped up from Of Mice & Men’s set from start to finish. 



Aaron Pauley – Lead vocalist

Phil Manansala – Lead guitars, backing vocals

Alan Ashby – Bass, backing vocals

David Valentino “Tino” Arteaga – Drummer




1. Obsolete

2. Castaway

3. You Make Me Sick

4. Would You Still Be There

5. Earth and Sky

6. Unbreakable

7. O.G. Loko

8. Bones Exposed

9. Second & Sebring


Queen‘s “Don’t Stop Me Now” played during the intermission as the crew put the finishing touches on Architect’s set. The lights went off, and the crowd roared in excitement. The stage was set up with a screen with the drummer Dan Searle and bassist Alex Dean playing on a second level. The band approached on stage to perform the night’s first song, “Seeing Red.” A heavy metal song with angry lyrics towards critics and negativity towards the band, it was the perfect song to start with a bang. Sam’s low screams pierced through the mic while the sound mix sounded spot-on throughout. The band’s setlist mainly contained songs from their last two albums, For Those That Wish to Exist and the classic symptoms of a broken spirit. After some long breaks from performing live, Architects finally got the chance to play some of the songs from their recent albums like “Impermanence,” “Deep Fake,” and the arena rock fan favourite “Dead Butterflies.” They also performed the live debut of their new single, “Curse.” Produced by former member of Bring Me the Horizon Jordan Fish, it’s a mix of old and new Architects with heavy riffs and melodic vocals. Endless crowd surfings and head bangs proved this song is already a favourite.

Lead frontman Sam Carter had a few chats with the audience when he first apologized to the crowd for “ghosting” Toronto after not coming back for so long. But he promised himself he had changed for the better. A funny highlight of the night was when he asked the crowd if the Leafs (Toronto’s hockey team) were winning. Architects were playing the same night as the Toronto Maple Leafs playing in game 6 of the playoffs. A few “Go Leafs Go” chants from the crowd brighten the mood. After performing an old classic “These Colours Don’t Run,” and “when we were young,” Architects briefly left the stage before returning for the encore. Sam Carter came out wearing a Leafs jersey with his name before performing “Nitilist” and “Animals” to end the night. It was a banging night of metalcore music and a sold-out crowd. I don’t have to wait five more years to see Architects play in Toronto again!



Sam Carter – Lead vocalist

Dan Searle – Drummer

Alex “Ali” Dean – Bass, keyboards

Adam Christianson – Rhythm guitars

Ryan Burnett (Touring member) – Rhythm guitars, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals

Martyn Evans (Touring member) – Lead guitars




1. Seeing Red

2. Giving Blood

3. deep fake

4. Impermanence

5. Black Lungs

6. Discourse is Dead

7. Hereafter

8. Gravedigger

9. Dead Butterflies

10. Little Wonder

11. Curse (Live debut)

12. Royal Beggars

13. Doomsday

14. These Colours Don’t Run

15. Meteor

16. when we were young


17. Nihilist

18. Animals








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