Atreyu and Memphis May Fire’s “We Want Your Misery” Tour Visits the Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan On September 17, 2023



On September 17, 2023, Memphis May Fire and Atreyu brought the “We Want Your Misery” tour to The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With support from Catch Your Breath and Another Day Dawns, this tour was a powerhouse with well-matched bands the audience all loved. Each band put on an incredible performance that made the show a pleasure to watch from start to finish. 

Unfortunately, there was an issue getting my credentials when I first arrived, so I missed most of Another Day Dawn’s set, but I was impressed with what I heard. Their songs were energetic and catchy, and they intrigued me enough to go listen to them after the show, as well. I hope I get the chance to see them again soon, because they’ve definitely caught my attention. 


Another Day Dawns:

Dakota Sean – Vocals 

Tyler Ritter – Guitar 

Nick McGeehan – Drums 

Jerome Betz – Bass 



Once Another Day Dawns left the stage to thunderous applause, it was time for Catch Your Breath to perform, a metalcore band from Austin, Texas. This is a band I’ve personally listened to for a while now, so I was thrilled for the chance to see them live. Their sound, which is very distinct on their recorded tracks, translated beautifully to live music. The sound quality was loud and clear, with each instrument and the vocals mixed expertly. What was especially fun was how obvious it was that the band members were enjoying themselves as much as the crowd was. As they mentioned between songs, this was only their second show back from being stranded after their performance at Blue Ridge Rock Festival, so I’m sure that contributed to it, but either way, their energy was infectious. Cianan Madigan, their bassist, was especially interactive with the crowd and spent several moments encouraging them to move by pumping his fist or pointing out different crowd members. In response, the crowd jumped and danced along. Catch Your Breath’s set consisted of fan favorite songs, including “Dial Tone,” the song that’s responsible for their current time in the spotlight. The choice to close with this piece was a smart one–it had the crowd hyped and excited for more, so they were primed and ready for Memphis May Fire to come on next. 


Catch Your Breath:

Joshua Mowery – Vocals 

Teddy Herrera – Guitar 

Onell Hernandez – Drums 

Cianan Madigan – Bass





1.) Savages

2.) No Evil

3.) Y.S.K.W.

4.) 21 Gun Salute

5.) Fade

6.) Shame On Me

7.) Dial Tone


Memphis May Fire, a metalcore band from Denton Texas, was one of the co-headliners for the show, and the second they stepped on stage, the energy levels in the room hit the roof. The crowd was so excited for Memphis May Fire that several people were already crowd surfing during the very first song. A circle pit was soon to follow, and it rarely ceased during the set, even for the slower songs. Speaking of, I have to commend Memphis May Fire for their choice in set list.

Their albums display several different types of songs, and their set list represented all of these so well. They had a great mix of their slower and faster songs, as well as their heavier ones. No matter what style they played, though, the crowd loved every second of it. From front to back, the entire room was moving and rocking out to the music. Additionally, the crowd was very responsive to vocalist, Matty Mullins. Any time he requested a mosh pit, crowd surfers, or hands in the air, the crowd complied immediately. At one point, Mullins insisted, “when I say jump, you jump!” and jump they did. Usually when artists say this, you see a mix of the middle of the room jumping, the people at the front banging their heads, but feet firmly on the ground, and the back of the room staying still. Not with this crowd though! With every single person jumping, it looked like a wave of people ebbing and flowing to the beat of the music.

During their performance of the iconic “Remade in Misery,” Atreyu’s vocalist, Brandon Saller, joined the band onstage for a powerful duet with Mullins. Their voices meshed together to create a captivating performance that had the audience crowd surfing and moshing every chance they got. The band was clearly pleased with the audience’s reception, as Mullins declared towards the end of their set, “Grand Rapids! There has never been a single time in history when you have ever let us down.” I’ve never seen Memphis May Fire in Grand Rapids before, but if the other crowds were anything like this one, I have no doubt Mowery’s statement is true. 


Memphis May Fire:

Matty Mullins – Vocals

Jake Garland – Drums 

Kellen McGregor – Guitar 

Cory Elder – Bass 




Set List:

1). Vices
2). Left for Dead
3). Bleed Me Dry
4). Somebody
5). Legacy
6). Death Inside
7). Make Believe
8). Misery
9). Without Walls
10). The Sinner
11). Miles Away
12). The Abandoned
13). The Old Me
14). The Fight Within
15). Blood and Water


By the time Atreyu stepped onto the stage, the energy in the room had reached a fever pitch. After their first few songs, vocalist Brandon Saller announced that the room was “alive and well.” He then made the crowd promise not to start any fights and to take care of each other, to which the crowd responded with loud cheers and devil horns in the air.

The entire band was dynamic as they jumped and ran about the stage, expertly performing their songs. Dan Jacobs, lead guitarist, was especially captivating to watch. He never stood still as he played his instrument, and his enthusiasm was infectious. During the song, “The Time is Now,” vocalist Brandon Saller leapt off the stage and into the crowd, where he spent the entire song making his way from one end of the room to the other. He spent some time in the mosh pit, and then he made sure to visit those in the back of the room, who were so excited to see him. Once he came back on stage, he decided that it was “time for some crowd surfing,” and he started a wave. For the entirety of the song, it was just one after the other.

My favorite part of seeing Atreyu was all the antics the band got up to on stage. They’re clearly a tight-knit group, and this was obvious in the way they interacted with each other both during the songs, and in the moments of chit chat between them. For instance, Saller would randomly go over to the other members and either give them a hug or lift them into the air, even while they were playing their instruments. Additionally, Saller made up a little song on the spot about how “Dan Jacobs is a genius,” and then had the crowd chant his name.

My favorite part, though, would be when guitarist Travis Miguel brought a whole box of donuts onstage, consumed a few of them, and then threw the rest of the donuts into the crowd. These moments added an extra layer of intimacy between the band and the audience, which made an already amazing show that much more unforgettable. Between their excellent sound, engaging performance, and interaction with the crowd, it made for one compelling show.



Dan Jacobs – Lead Guitar 

Kyle Rosa – Drums 

Brandon Saller – Clean Vocals 

Marc McKnight – Bass / Unclean Vocals

Travis Miguel – Rhythm Guitar




Set List:

1). Drowning
2). Becoming the Bull
3). Right Side of the Bed
4). Save Us
5). When Two Are One
6). The Theft
7). The Time Is Now
8). Gone
9). Ex’s and Oh’s
10). Battle Drums
11). Falling Down
12). Watch Me Burn
13). Warrior
14). Blow








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