Avenues New Release, “We’re all Doomed” Due Out November 19th 2021 on Wiretap



Formed 2006 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, The Avenues have played festivals such as Punk Rock Bowling, Warped tour and Inkcarceration. They have released several singles and EPs but this is their first full length album. It’s has been a long time coming. Originally started in 2017, the album is finally finished and set for release on November 19, 2021.   

“We’re all Doomed” is what post/pop punk should be. Fun, upbeat catchy tunes drive this album from start to finish. Reminiscent of early Green Day and Rancid, “We’re all Doomed” will find a fitting place in any punk record collection. The standout tracks are, of course, the two singles so far (“Lights Out” and “Devious”) and “Straight Jacket”. That being said, there are no bad tracks on this record.  I have had this album on repeat now for 2 days and I can’t seem to get enough of it. These guys really have it together and it was totally worth the wait.   

If you enjoy post punk or pop punk, you have to give this album a listen. I think you’ll agree. This album should be included in your collection. To get the album you can pre-order it HERE (USA) or HERE (Europe). 


I give this album a solid 9/10.

Certainly one of the best albums in that genre that has come out in the last year. 



The Avenues are:

Vin Smith – Vocals/Guitar

Scott Brooks – Bass

Shawn Brooks – Guitar

Marc Alan Perez – Drums




‘We’re All Doomed’ Track Listing:

1. Blood On The Moon

2. Supersonic

3. Into The Catacombs

4. Transistor Radio

5. I Let Go

6. Starfighter

7. Lights Out

8. We’re All Doomed

9. Straight Jacket

10. Drag You Down

11. Devious




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