BABYLON A.D.’s Derek Davis Talks New Album, Songwriting, Longevity, Spirituality, and The Face Of God May 10, 2024



Derek Davis is widely known for being the original singer and guitarist for hard rock band Babylon A.D. Over his career of more than 30 years, Derek has recorded eight albums with Babylon A.D., an album each with band projects American Blues Box and Moonshine, as well as recording three successful solo records, and has even had two songs go to #1 on the iTunes Blues Single chart. Derek and Babylon A.D. have just released yet another studio record. The record is called Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, and it is arguably the most accomplished record in the band’s catalog.

In this interview, Derek opens up about Babylon A.D.’s longevity, the band’s songwriting process, his spirituality, and the best song he’s ever written.



“Wrecking Machine” video:








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