Creed Fisher

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Singer / Songwriter
Marty Robbins. Merle Haggard. Don Williams. Hank Williams.
Growing up hearing them on the radio made a lasting impression, but it was the moment that George Strait played in Waco, Texas that really put the wheels in motion for a little boy named Creed Fisher to write his first song at age of 4. But like all good country songs, his search to find understanding and comfort caused the words to pour onto paper after he suffered his first heartache – when his parents divorced.
“Every time you hear a song from me, you know it’s something I’ve lived through and I want to share it,” says Creed. “My songs tell a story of what I am going through – and like my life, my music is exploring what I’m feeling – both good and bad,” he says.
After making a name for himself around West Texas as “the guy that says it like is,” Creed’s first single, “I’ll Keep Drinkin’” launched his career, followed by the debut album “Down Here in Texas.” “Ain’t Scared to Bleed” came roaring right after, while Creed continued to tour not just around Texas, but throughout the U.S. The full-length “Rednecks Like Us” and “Life of a Workin’ Man” in 2018 would start to define the Creed Fisher sound, but it’s his 2019 album “Old School” (released October 31, 2019), that debuted at #3 on the iTunes Country charts, has made Creed a real mainstay not just in country music, but what is best defined by fans as Outlaw Country. In July 2020, his album, “Hellraiser” debuted #2 on the iTunes Country Chart marking his 3rd Top 5 album.
Fall 2020 Creed Fisher will be dropping his newest album, “Rock & Roll Man” and we expect the same kind of reaction from his fans.
Raw. Bitterly honest. All Real. If you don’t hear it in his songs, you see it written across his chest, literally!
A proud self-proclaimed redneck, Creed places his “good ol’ boy” status at the center of his own country sound. From southern rock to heavy metal, to tender ballads and even hints of bluegrass, Creed’s music doesn’t follow any rules, but what makes sense to his own feelings and those he feels with his fans.
But one thing remains true, Creed is country and forever remains connected to his roots and the U.S.A. His music comes from the heart and speaks of the love he has for God, his family, his country and his fans.

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