Biffy Clyro Rocks On Their Return to Toronto, Canada at HISTORY, April 22, 2022



Billy Clyro and Dead Poet Society came by the newly constructed concert venue of Toronto’s HISTORY. It has been five years since the last time Biffy Clyro performed in Toronto, so the buzz was high with anticipation on a Friday night. 

Opening the show was rock band Dead Poet Society hailing from Boston. Their setlist was a thrilling mix of groovy rock and heavy tunes. The early crowd was entertained by the band’s energy from start to finish. For those looking for a new band to listen to, Dead Poet Society is the band to look out for. From heavy sounding tracks like “.burymewhole.” and “.SALT.” and standout rock songs of “.AmericanBlood.” and “.CoDA,” Dead Poet Society have something for everyone to enjoy.


Dead Poet Society Lineup:

Jack Underkofler – Lead Singer, guitar

Jack Collins – Guitar, backing vocals

Dylan Brenner – Bass, backing vocals

Will Goodroad – Drummer




1. Lo Air

2. .burymewhole

3. .georgia.

4. Bacalar

5. .SALT.

6. Touch

7. .AmericanBlood.

8. Sound and Science

9. .intoodeep.

10. .CoDA.


The lights switched colours before Simon Neil, Ben and James Johnston approached the stage to an excited audience. Their set featured an impressive list of songs old and new that showcased their classic heavy alternative rock sound throughout the years. “Dumdum”, “Hunger In Tour Haunt”, and “Tiny Indoor Fireworks” were great songs to energize the crowd. Cheers of “Mon The Biff” are hollered from the crowd after almost every song as they showcase the love for the band. 

After a series of notable songs such as “That Golden Rule” and “Mountains,” Simon Neil slowed down the pace with a solo acoustic version of “Machines.” The crowd sang along to every chorus, bringing approval and delight to Simon Neil. The twin brothers returned to the stage and the energy was brought back with new songs featuring “Unknown Male 01”, “Space,” and “Slurpy Slurpy Sleep Sleep,” a song reminiscing of their post-hardcore sound in the past. The crowd brought up the sign of the horns as the band pulled out a heavy riff and mini moshpit raged in the middle of the crowd.

The show closed with Biffy Clyro performing some of their recognizable songs

 in which the crowd sang to every word. Classics like “Bubbles,” “Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies,” and the encore “Many of Horror” brought out the nostalgia and elation to the crowd who have been waiting so long for Biffy Clyro to come back to Canadian soil. Biffy Clyro got up and thanked the crowd just before Simon Neil makes one last call, “We are Biffy F*****g Clyro!”

Biffy Clyro is one of the best live bands you will ever witness. They have an amazing stage presence and bring out the best in each other. It is a shame that they don’t gain much attention in North America because they have a discography of amazing songs that is a fit for any person to love. 


Biffy Clyro Lineup:

Simon Neil – Lead singer, guitar

James Johnston – Bass, vocals

Ben Johnston – Drummer, vocals




1. DumDum

2. Hunger In Your Haunt

3. Tiny Indoor Fireworks

4. Black Chandelier

5. North Of No South

6. That Golden Rule

7. Instant History

8. Mountains

9. Machines (Acoustic)

10. Unknown Male 01

11. End of 

12. Wolves Of Winter

13. Space

14. Slurpy Slurpy Sleep Sleep

15. Re-Arrange 

16. Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies

17. Bubbles


18. Cop Syrup

19. Many Of Horror




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