Biketoberfest is Here! Get Out And Rock N Roll!


With Biketoberfest in full swing, All Music Magazine sent contributor/editor Mark Horan of MarkHoran.Pictures LLC to Daytona Beach, Florida to checkout the scene. Thursday evening, October 15, 2020 was a warm night in the low 80’s. But more importantly, there was no rain in this coastal town. This is extremely important with thousands of motorcycles converging to enjoy the festivities and for safety of the riders. Daytona Beach opted to cancel the official October gathering, but the bikers didn’t get the message and converged on the most famous beach in the world. The bars were accommodating with live music and social distancing. Check out Mark’s overall view of the evening!

The corner of Main Street and Penninsula Dr, is the location of Main Street Station Historic Garage Bar Music Venue and The Legendary Boot Hill Saloon. This is the heart of the entertainment mecca of Bike Week in March, and Biketoberfest in October traditionally. The overall traffic was light and the population of pedestrians on this corner was a third of the volume of past events I have attended.

The band Skin Deep was just hitting the inside stage when I arrived at 8:25pm at Main Street Station. The show was to begin at 8:00pm, so the schedule was running a bit behind. That was helpful as I was also running behind and I didn’t want to be late. Skin Deep is a very talented five-piece cover band that predominately plays the Orlando market. I was excited to finally get a chance to cover them as they have been very supportive of the magazine. Skin Deep is billed as a dance band and Their dance floor is always filled due to the selection of their set list; from Journey, to Kansas, and even a little Alice in Chains. The joyous crowd danced the night away.

Shooting the show was difficult as the fans crowded the dance floor around the stage. But, because of the overall attendance being down I could navigate from one side of the stage to the other. The band was having a good time and the audience was dancing and singing along. It was the perfect mix for a fun night out. On a typical Biketoberfest Thursday night, the bar would have been mayhem, but the situation is what it was in the current environment.

I found the staff at Main Street Station to be accommodating as they allowed my mobility unrestricted. The band was also gracious and played to the camera making my job fun and easy.

On my way to the car I heard Black Sabbath coming from the outside stage at The Boot Hill Saloon. I always stop in my tracks when I hear Black Sabbath playing. I made my way around to the side of the stage to see a three-piece band just getting it done. The guitar, bass, and drummer were exceptional musicians, so out came the Nikon as I never want to miss an opportunity to photograph talent in obscure places. The drum kicker was blank, so I had no idea who I was photographing. As it turned out, I was witnessing the bands final song.

I researched who I had seen and it was the touring band of The Matt O’Ree Band. The Matt O’Ree Band is a five-piece band with two female vocalists. It seems that when I arrived they had left the stage for the final number. This band plays all over the United States with a show coming up in two weeks in New Jersey. They perform covers and original material. I will definitely put them in my head in case I ever get the opportunity to see them again. They were very good and I regret not being able to see their entire show.

Biketoberfest is happening all over Central Florida this week, so if you’re in the area get out and take in some live music. I know it’s been awhile, but it’s all so worth it!


The Matt O’Ree Band:

Matt O’Ree

John Hummel

Eryn O’Ree

Layonne Holmes

Aaron Manzo


Skin Deep Band:

Lee Siler – Drums/Vocals

Bill Gifford – Bass/Vocals

Jamie Barker – Keyboards/Vocals

Billy Denmead – Guitar/Vocals

Steve Lepine – Lead Guitar/Vocals



Set 1:

1.)    Never Been any Reason

2.)    Fox On The Run

3.)    Ballroom Blitz

4.)    Feels Like the First Time

5.)    Lets Go Crazy

6.)    Runaway

7.)    Carry On Wayward Son

8.)    Point of No Return

9.)    We Will Rock You

10.) We are The Champions

11.) Hold The Line

12.) Bad Medicine

13.) Stone in Love

14.) Any Way You Want It

15.) Get The Funk Out


Set 2:

1.)    Fat Bottom Girls

2.)    Long Time / Free Ride

3.)    Panama

4.)    Feel Your Love Tonight

5.)    Leave Your Hat On

6.)    Jane

7.)    Misty Mountain Hop

8.)    Take It To The Limit

9.)    Livin On A Prayer

10.) Rebel Yell

11.) Here I Go Again

12.) Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

13.) Man In A Box

14.) Dude Looks Like A Lady


Set 3:

1.)    Double Vision

2.)    Dirty White Boy

3.)    Pour Some Sugar

4.)    New Girl Now

5.)    Smokin

6.)    Big City Lights

7.)    Roll With The Changes

8.)    Save A Horse

9.)    Renegade

10.) Life In The Fast Lane

11.) Give Love A Bad Name

12.) Separate Ways

13.) Lovin Touchin Squeezin



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