Black Diamond Make Debut at Good Times Bar and Grill in Maitland, Florida June 8, 2024





The electricity was in the air at Good Times Bar and Grill on Saturday, June 8, 2024. The local music fans came early and packed the new venue that replaced Fedster Bar and Grill in Maitland, Florida in anticipation of seeing Black Diamond’s debut. Black Diamond was formed with vocalist Jena Crute Loria, and two members from the recently defunct band My Generation,  guitar player Mark Loria, and multi-instrumentalist Dominik Loria. Rounding out the band with two members of the Orlando blues band, Three Forks Road (who is still intact), drummer Kevin Barrett, and multi-instrumentalist Paul Drennan (38 Special/Lynch Mob/Blandini/Music Mob). What is really cool is the four-part harmonies that add the the diversity and depth of the execution of their songs.

The band played two sets and the dance floor of the new venue was packed the entire night and may need to be expanded in the future. With the dance floor filled and five photographers in attendance trying to document this historic event, the space in front of the stage resembled a sardine can. The evening was a big success for both the bar and the band and what a great way to kick off the future of both so get out and support this talented band as well as visit and spend some money at Good Times Bar and Grill they have a great menu and the drinks are cold!



Jena Crute Loria – Vocals

Mark Loria – Guitar/Vocals

Dominik Loria – Guitar/Mandolin/Keyboards/Vocals

Paul Drennan – Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Kevin Barrett – Drums




Set 1:

1. Smokin In the Boys Room

2. One Way

3. American Band

4. Hella Good

5. Landslide

6. Let’s Dance

7. Free Ride

8. It’s My Life

9. Even It Up

10. Spell On You

11. Smoke On the Water

12. Just a Girl

13. Heartbreaker

14. Locomotive Breath

15. Bang a Gong

16. I’ll Stand By You

17. Let’s Get This Party Started 


Set 2:

1. Black Horse

2. Suffergate

3. I’m Your Captain

4. Here For The Party

5. Guitar Gently Weeps

6. Slow Ride

7. Torn

8. No Matter What

9. New Girl

10. You Otta Know

11. Going To California

12. Feel Like Making Love

13. Hush

14. I Just Wanna Make Love


15. Immigrant Song






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