Black Label Society Returns to a Capacity Crowd at House of Blues Orlando, Florida October 24, 2021



It was a rainy evening Sunday, October 24, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. The weather didn’t stop the masses from heading to The House of Blues in Disney Springs to see the guitar god, Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society. The band is out touring in support of their latest album “Doom Crew INC, ” due to be released November 26, 2021.

Covid protocols were in place inside the venue. The floor area was sectioned off to be sure no food or beverages were present giving anyone in attendance an excuse to lower their masks. The crowd was alive, and there was a buzz in the air in anticipation of the concert as the steady steam of fans entered the building.

To open the night, Prong, a three piece band from New York, started the entertainment with an eight song set. Lead guitar, singer, and founding member Tommy Victor has been the stabilizing force of the band over the past 35 years while releasing 12 studio albums and one live album. The short set had energy, and the crowd let them know how much they were appreciated.




Tommy Victor – Guitars/Lead Vocals

Jason Christopher – Bass/Backing Vocals 

Aaron Rossi – Drums




1.)  Test 
2.)  Disbelief
3.)  Beg to Differ 
4.)  Cut-Rate 
5.)  Broken Peace 
6.)  Whose Fist Is This Anyway? 
7.)  Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck 
8.)  However It May End
Obituary, a death metal band from Tampa, Florida was next. “Snortn’ Whiskey” by Pat Travers played through the PA system to warm up the crowd. In no time, their show was off and running.  Obituary is credited with being the pioneer of death metal and is one of the most successful death metal bands of all time. John Tardy’s growling vocals is the signature brand of Obituary and death metal as a whole. The audience immediately started a mash pit and the slam dancing was on. They played an 11 song set and the audience kept security guards hopping their entire set. Death metal is a genre I usually don’t cover or enjoy, but they do make for good pictures with flying hair if the lighting is good.




John Tardy – Vocals

Donald Tardy – Drums

Trevor Peres – Rhythm Guitar

Terry Butler – Bass

Ken Andrews – Lead Guitar




Snortin’ Whiskey (Pat Travers Band song recorded) 
1.)  Redneck Stomp 
2.)  Sentence Day 
3.)  A Lesson in Vengeance 
4.)  Visions in My Head 
5.)  Chopped in Half 
6.)  Turned Inside Out 
7.)  Deadly Intentions 
8.)  Circle of the Tyrants   (Celtic Frost cover) 
9.)  Straight to Hell 
10.)  I’m in Pain 
11.)  Slowly We Rot
A banner curtain was placed from ceiling to floor. At approximately 9:45pm the curtain dropped and Black Label Society started the show with “Bleed for Me”from the band’s 2002 album, 1919 Eternal. Zakk Wylde was front and center bouncing between his riser and the microphone blazing his guitar riffs. The House of Blues fans were as loud as I have ever heard them, if not louder. Zakk Wylde is not only a master at the guitar, but he is also a master showman. Swinging his massive mane back and forth during his guitar solos is his signature style along with wearing a kilt and the bullseye design of every guitar in his arsenal. As he towers over the crowd on his riser, his Norsemen look and great playing captivates the audience.
As with every Black Label Society show, Zakk payed tribute to his lost friends Pantera’s guitarist Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott and his brother Vinnie Paul Abbott, Pantera’s drummer. Their photos are posted on stage as Zakk plays “In This River” on the piano. The song is very somber as it’s about life and death.  It was written before either of the brothers’ deaths. The celebration of beach balls follow during the song “Fire it Up.”Dario and Zakk’s dueling solo’s was a highlight of the show with Zakk standing on top of the piano. This is the part of the show where the two usually venture into the audience bringing the show to the fans. Current protocols prohibit those close encounters right now.
Rumor has it, Zakk will be joining Ozzy Osbourne on tour in Europe next year if Ozzy is well enough to go on tour. Either way, get out and see Zakk Wylde whether it’s with Black Label Society, Generation Axe, or with Ozzy.  It will be a show you won’t forget!





Zakk Wylde – Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals/Piano

John DeServio – Bass/Backing Vocals

Dario Lorina – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals

Jeff Fabb – Drums





1.)  Bleed for Me
2.)  Demise of Sanity 
3.)  Overlord 
4.)  Heart of Darkness 
5.)  A Love Unreal 
6.)  The Blessed Hellride 
7.)  Spoke in the Wheel 
8.)  In This River 
9.)  Trampled Down Below 
10.)  Destruction Overdrive 
11.)  Set You Free 
12.)  Fire It Up 
13.)  Guitar Solo (With “Smoke on the Water” Jam)  
14.)  Suicide Messiah 
15.)  Stillborn
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