BLACK STONE CHERRY’s Ben Wells Talks New Album, New Band Member, Dogs, Beachwear, And Tattoos August 3, 2023



Ben Wells has been the guitarist for Black Stone Cherry for the past 22 years. The band has had seven studio records, two EPs, a handful of singles, and have charted 17 songs on the Mainstream Rock Chart. Black Stone Cherry is getting ready to release their eighth studio record called Screamin’ At The Sky which drops on September 29.

In this interview, Ben discusses the brotherhood of the band, and the adjustment of bringing in a new bassist after longtime bassist John Lawhon left the band. The new record, Screamin’ At The Sky, is the first with bassist Steve Jewell, Jr. Ben also talks about The Henry And Clark Foundation, his charity to help animals and children. We also talk about Ben’s beachwear clothing line called Sunny & Stoked. Other subjects that came up were the band’s collaboration with Canada’s Monster Truck to make The Cherry Truck Band charity song, what touring might look like for this record, and new tattoos.




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