Blacktop Mojo With Special Guests, The Five ‘N’ Dime Poets and Werewolves At The Machine Shop In Flint, Michigan on August 4, 2023



Blacktop Mojo made a stop at the legendary Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan on August 4, 2023. Their Sun On My Face Tour brought an incredible night of rock n’ roll to the stage, with support from awesome local Michigan bands, Werewolves, and The Five ‘N’ Dime Poets. As fans flocked to The Machine Shop, a venue that has become a staple for music lovers in Michigan, the air was charged with excitement. 

The Five ‘N’ Dime Poets are a roots-fueled, alt-country, outlaw Rock-n-Roll trio hailing from Flint, Michigan. This band’s unique sound goes beyond being confined to a specific genre, blending Americana, Psychedelic Honky-Tonk, and Alt-Country influences into their music. Fronted by Cash O’Riley, with Tyler Clayton on bass and Justin “JRock” Girard on drums, The Five ‘N’ Dime Poets deliver an incredible performance that captivates audiences. With their storytelling, soul-stirring lyrics, and gritty guitar riffs, they create an intoxicating musical experience. From their debut album Hobos, Hillbillies & Outlaws to their captivating live shows, The Five ‘N’ Dime Poets showcase their dedication to their craft and their passion for creating powerful, unforgettable music.  


The Five ‘N’ Dime Poets:  

Cash O’Riley – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Tyler Clayton – Bass

Justin Girard – Drums



Werewolves, another fantastic band from Flint, Michigan, are a dynamic punk rock band deliver an explosive and energetic performance that leaves audiences exhilarated. Their high-octane show and sweat-drenched performances evoke memories of the legendary bands that graced the stage at CBGB’s in its prime. With a contagious energy reminiscent of The Dead Boys, Werewolves ignite the crowd with their raw and unapologetic sound. They unleashed a blistering cover of Van Halen‘s “Hot For Teacher,” prompting an eruption of jumping bodies and infectious enthusiasm. Werewolves are a testament to the enduring power of post-punk rock, captivating audiences with their electrifying performances and leaving an indelible mark on the music scene. Werewolves channel the spirit of punk rock and left a lasting impression on all of us.   



Bruce Horn – Guitar, Vocals

William Mintline – Drums, Vocals

Paul Owsinski – Guitar, Vocals

Kory Swedorski – Guitar

Nick Baker – Bass, Vocals



The energy in the room was electric in anticipation of Blacktop Mojo unleashing their powerhouse performance.  Blacktop Mojo, the Texas-based band, delivers a fiery blend of sludgy grooves, classic rock riffs, and southern metal that has been aptly labeled as “Texas Grunge.” On stage, their energy and chemistry are simply electrifying, captivating audiences and leaving them in awe.

It’s impossible not to feel every ounce of their heart and soul as they pour their passion into every note. Matt James possesses an incredible voice that ranges from powerful and gritty to soulful and melodic, taking listeners on an unforgettable journey. The band’s lineup includes the exceptionally talented drummer Nathan Gillis, the dynamic bassist Matthew Curtis, who moves fluidly across the stage from side to side, and amazing guitarists Chuck Wepfew and Malcolm Booher.

Each member brings their own unique sound and style, contributing to the band’s overall sonic tapestry. In addition to their original tracks, Blacktop Mojo loves to throw in a few surprises, delighting the audience with covers that showcase their versatility and ability to make a song their own.  Including Velvet Revolver’s “Slither” before going into “All Mine Now’ from their 2019 album Under The Sun.  One standout moment is their killer jam of Ted Nugent’s timeless classic “Stranglehold,” seamlessly incorporated at the end of “Come Get Your Coat” also off their 2019 album Under The Sun. And to close the night on an unforgettable note, Blacktop Mojo stirs up emotions with their rendition of Aerosmith’s iconic ballad “Dream On,” leaving me with goosebumps and a lasting impression.

Blacktop Mojo is a true musical powerhouse, delivering an explosive and captivating performance that will leave you starving for more. It was a night to remember, filled with electrifying music that resonated deep in the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to be there.  


Blacktop Mojo:  

Matt James – Vocals, Guitar

Nathan Gillis – Drums

Matt Curtis – Bass

Chuck Wepfew – Guitar

Malcolm Booher – Guitar



Set List:  

1)  Where The Wind Blows

2)  Slither (Velvet Revolver Cover)

3)  All Mine

4)  Wicked Woman

5)  Do It For The Money

6)  Burn The Ships

7)  Way Too Strong

8)  Won’t Last

9)  Can’t Sleep

10)  Born To Loose

11)  Strike Me

12)  Come Get Your Coat


13)  The Void

14)  Dream On (Aerosmith cover)