Blues and Rock Unite: Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton Rock The O2 Ritz Manchester Death Wish Blues Tour, 21st October 2023







The O2 Ritz Manchester was the place to be on October 21, 2023, as two extraordinary musicians, Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton, took the stage for a night of scintillating blues and rock. As the wind and rains of “Storm Babet” faded away in the U.K. it was a rather damp hangover feel to the City of Manchester tonight as we walked to the venue but that was all about to change for anyone lucky enough to be in the O2 Ritz, Manchester tonight.

Together on stage Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton make for a mouth-watering combo of classic blues rock music. Samantha from Kansas City is an American guitarist and singer-songwriter. While often cited as a blues artist, Fish’s work features and draws from multiple genres, including rock, country, funk, bluegrass, and ballads. Jesse from Austin, Texas best known for his guitar contributions to albums by country musicians including Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson. So plenty of blues/country/rock pedigree are set before us tonight and we just can’t wait for this one.

First up we have Toronto based rock band “The Commoners” described on their website as “Possessing a sound tapped from the oaken belly of a whiskey barrel”. Consisting of Chris Medhurst (vocals/guitar), Ben Spiller (bass), Ross Citrullo (lead guitar), and Adam Cannon (drums) and joined by their friend, organist Miles Evan Branagh. Wow these guys are something else ! It’s true authentic American ( or should I say Canadian) rock at it’s very best. Its not very often you get blown away by the support act but tonight this really did happen. Brilliant rock anthems, fantastic vocals and rock guitar riffs and solos to die for. Ross Citrullo is one of those lead guitarist who when you see him play live you wonder at how the hell he makes playing such great solos and riffs so easy, just one amazing guitar player !! Chris Medhurst’s vocals are classic in your face rock, belting out controlled lyrics like a real master. The band are tight and the flow of their rock tunes is something to admire. I would highly recommend their latest album “Find A Better Way” and get to see them live. Honestly these guys are so bloody good !!



So after that amazing support we are now treated to two very talented and amazing musician’s on stage together Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton. Samantha looking every inch the rock chick in her tight leather all in one jump suit and bright red neck scarf, an American Diner cool girl you all want to get to know. Jesse looking like the cool dude rock/country guitarist that he is.

Samantha’s smoky, sultry voice cut through the air like a knife, and her guitar work was nothing short of sensational. She masterfully blended blues, rock, and a touch of Americana, making it clear that she’s a modern-day blues queen. Together with Jesse’s vocals and guitar work it was a master piece of blues/rock. New tracks from their album “Death Wish Blues” are interspersed with classic blues covers which all adds to the feeling that this show is very special. Some really great blues solos from both Samantha and Jesse are just sublime and as smooth and sweet as honey. Stand out tunes for us tonight would be “Deathwish” a great festival anthem we think, “Baby’s Long Gone”, “Supadupabad” and “Rippin’ and Runnin’”

It was truly a special show for us. Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton are a match made in blues/rock heaven. To see them on stage together performing was a real musical treat. Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton’s performance at The O2 Ritz Manchester on October 21, 2023, was nothing short of a masterclass in modern blues and rock. These two remarkable artists brought their unique styles to the stage and left the audience in awe of their musical prowess. The combination of their distinct talents, along with the palpable connection they had with their audience, made this an unforgettable night. The O2 Ritz Manchester will undoubtedly cherish the memory of Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton’s incredible performance for years to come. Be sure to check out their Album “Death Wish Blues” and try and catch them on tour now, you honestly will be in for a great night of live music if you do.



Set List

1/ Kick Out the Jams
(MC5 cover)

2/ Deathwish

3/ Feels So Good
(Junior Parker cover)

4/ Hello Stranger
(Barbara Lewis cover)

5/ Brand New Cadillac
(Vince Taylor & The Playboys cover)

6/ Settle for Less

7/ Bulletproof (Tangle Eye Mix)
(Samantha Fish cover)

8/ Down in the Mud

9/ No Apology

10 Trauma

11/ I’ll Be Here in the Morning
(Townes van Zandt cover)

12/ Baby’s Long Gone
(Jesse Dayton cover)

13/ Lover on the Side

14/ Dangerous People

15/ Supadupabad

16/ Flooded Love

17/ Rippin’ and Runnin’

18/ I Put a Spell on You
(Screamin’ Jay Hawkins cover)

19/ 7 and 7 Is
(Love cover)

20/ Riders


21/ You Know My Heart

22/ Goin’ Down South
(R.L. Burnside cover)