Brooks & Dunn Reboot 2023 Tour Rolls into Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky- May 11, 2023



Brooks & Dunn brought their Reboot 2023 Tour to Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky on May 11, 2023, to a sold-out crowd. As the crowd filled Rupp Arena the excitement was palpable. This crowd was ready for a classic country show by country music legends. The crowd was filled with cowboy hats and everyone’s best boots. They were all ready to have the best time of their lives.

Scotty McCreery opened the show, who was first made famous on American Idol but has since then come into his own with five number-one singles, a platinum album, and two albums that have been certified gold. He has grown as an artist and a performer. He brought a high-energy opening act that had the crowd responsive and lively, even if they didn’t know his music.

He started out his set with songs to get the crowd up and on their feet with, “In Between” and “Feelin’ It.” He slowed it down and took the crowd down a heartfelt road with songs he wrote for his wife like, “It Matters to Her” and “This is It.” A special moment in the night came when he sang a crowd-favorite, “Five More Minutes,” acoustically. This one was not only emotional for Scotty but also for any fans that have had to deal with personal loss or an ending of something. He took it out of that back up to finish his set out with a George Strait cover, “Check Yes or No” which had the crowd singing the lyrics and dancing in the aisles. He then followed it up with his most recent number-one single, “Damn Strait,” which everyone knew and was singing along to. He finished his set by getting the crowd energized for Brooks & Dunn, with “You Time.”


Scotty McCreery & Band:

Scotty McCreery: Lead Vocals
Jeff Harper– Keyboard, Guitar, Background Vocals
Justin Ward – Pedal Steel & Electric Guitar
Nathan Thomas– Guitar
Joey Sanchez-Drums
Spencer Peppard-Guitar




1.) In Between
2.) Small Town Story
3.) Feelin’ It
4.) It Matters to Her
5.) Nothin’ Right
6.) This is It
7.) See You Tonight
8.) Five More Minutes
9.) Check Yes or No
10.) Damn Strait
11.) You Time



Brooks & Dunn brought the classic country to the stage that had the crowd on their feet for the entirety of the night. Everyone was belting out every song filling Rupp Arena with an unforgettable atmosphere; The production value was high with screen graphics that fit each song with moving elements and finesse. These country music veterans never missed a beat. They played a high-energy 20-song set that had all the songs people wanted to hear. Songs that energized the crowd like “Brand New Moon,” “Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You,” and “Red Dirt Road,” which the people loved and sang robustly on. They also played some songs that were emotional ballads that were just as moving for the crowd, who sang along reverently like “Cowgirls Don’t Cry” and “Believe.”

The highlights of the Brooks & Dunn set were many. The song that had the loudest reception was probably “Neon Moon,” and you could tell it was a favorite of many. Ronnie Dunn even had fun with the crowd to get them to sing even louder than they already were. They ended the regular set with “My Maria” which was a great ending song. Of course, they had to end with two songs in the encore that were both favorites. They started the encore with “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” which was the song people definitely wanted to hear and had people dancing. The final song of the night was probably my favorite moment. It was “Only in America,” which was a patriotic favorite of the crowd. My favorite element was when about halfway through the song they brought out a set of four Marines on stage and had them stand in a salute. The crowd honored their service, and to end the night with a blast, they ended the song with red, white, and blue confetti canons. 


Brooks & Dunn & Band:

Kix Brooks: Lead Vocals
Ronnie Dunn: Lead Vocals
Jeff King– Guitar
Gary Morse– Guitar
Mike Kyle– Keyboard
John Morrow- Drums
Lou Toomey- Guitar




1.) Brand New Man
2.) Put a girl in it
3.) My Next Broken Heart
4.) Momma Don’t Get Dressed Up for Nothing
5.) We’ll Burn that Bridge
6.) Honky Tonk Truth
7.) You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone
8.) Ain’t Nothin’ ’bout You
9.) Red Dirt Road
10.) Lost and Found
11.) Hard Workin’ Man
12.) Stay Here & Drink
13.) Play Something Country
14.) Cowgirls Don’t Cry
15.) Neon Moon
16.) Rock My World (Little Country Girl)
17.) Believe
18.) My Maria


19.) Boot Scootin’ Boogie
20.) Only in America





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