Buckcherry Goes “Hellbound” at Henry’s Depot In Sanford Florida, February 6, 2022



February in Florida is sort of like pulling a number from a hat as far as the weather is concerned. One positive certainty is that if you’re covering an outdoor show, you will probably be spared from the scorching sun and torrid temps. Today had been mostly overcast, cool and somewhat drizzly. As I approached Henry’s Depot the sights and sounds of an impending show were visible everywhere. As crews were busy readying equipment, the VIP and merch lines were bustling with the masses. Buckcherry was here on the last stop of this leg of their current tour, and I was happy to be covering the event for All Music Magazine.



A last-minute lineup change saw Curtains replacing The Hamiltons who were forced to cancel due to an illness. Curtains is an Orlando band that describes their sound as “Fast Folk Death Pop.” Filling in on short notice proved to be no challenge as the band came ready to lay it all out. The guys had a respectable 45-minute set that lived up to their self-described genre. Curtains is planning on writing new music in the very near future and I’m sure this won’t be the last time that I’ll see them. Be sure to check them out and follow their socials listed down below.



Micky Michalec: Drums

Wes Snowden: Bass

John Grimaldi: Guitar

Mike Levin: Guitar, Vocals




1.Stolen Skiff

2.Headaches Gone





7.Hole In The Day


9.Slow Day Of Rain


11.Waters Rise


Having arrived early I was able to check out Core’s soundcheck. These Austin Texas rockers appeared to be really down to earth as they went through the process of checking out their gear and even offered to play “Freebird” which gained a few laughs from the crowd. The band’s tour bus was anything but down to earth and greeted fans as they entered the venue. Right around 6:15 Core took the stage and kicked things off with “War.” As smoke filled the stage the fans responded enthusiastically. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist CJ Bills was front and center wearing a white jacket, jeans, purple paisley tie, rust colored hat and no shoes. It should be noted that 3 of those items wouldn’t make it through the set. It’s always great to see a band that is enjoying themselves and these guys definitely were. Drummer Brandon Lemond was constantly twirling his sticks and belted out a blistering solo that had the crowd on their feet. 



Lead guitarist Chris Iorio wore an awesome black and white jacket that was covered in horror and sci-fi movie patches. He had a sweltering performance that left fans’ mouths watering. Bassist Jarrett Smith was not to be overlooked as he brought his Ernie Ball bass to life. Core’s performance of their latest single “Save Me” was off the charts. The band fittingly closed out their set with “Last Goodbyes.” Core was a perfect complement to the Buckcherry tour. Their hard-rockin’ attitude and sound is exactly what the music industry needs more of. Core just wrapped up this tour, but be sure to keep an eye out for live shows and in the meantime catch them online!



Chris Iorio: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Courtlyn James (CJ) Bills: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Jarrett Smith: Bass, Backing Vocals

Brandon Lemond: Drums, Backing Vocals






3.What I Am

4.This Time

5. Cancer

6.Who We Are


8.Garage Animal

9.Save Me

10.Last Goodbyes



As Buckcherry’s set time grew near the VIP area which had contained seats had now been transformed into standing room only. With no pit to shoot from I was determined to do what I had to, including standing on chairs and fences. A little before 7:30 the house speakers blared a robotic female voice counting down “8, 7 ,6” as the band hit the stage launching into their song “54321” off their 2021 album “Hellbound.” It didn’t take long for singer Josh Todd to lose his long-sleeved shirt and bandana and put his world famous ink on display including the giant “suicide king” that adorns his entire back. The band played several more songs from the new album including “So Hott.” “Wasting No More Time,” and “Hellbound.” I’ve always thought that Buckcherry and AC/DC had a similar sound and vibe and “Hellbound” really drives that thought home. 



The tandem of guitarists Stevie D. and Billy Rowe, formerly of Jetboy, is a force to be reckoned with. The fact that Stevie wore an awesome “Wayne County & the Electric Chairs” shirt is just an added bonus. At one point Josh said they were going to bring it all the way back to 1999 and then went directly into the mega-hit “Lit Up.” The crowd erupted and I wouldn’t be surprised if neighbors within a 10-block radius came outside to dance in their yards. Kelly LeMieux was the bringer of thunder, and his Spector Bass was his weapon of choice. Beat master Francis Ruiz was top-notch and I recently learned that he is an accomplished artist. Although it has absolutely nothing to do with this review, I’m totally posting his link right here: Francis Ruiz Art


The band slowed things down with the blockbuster ballad “Sorry“, but continued the hit parade with the iconic hit “Crazy Bitch.” The final song of the night was “Say Fuck It” which is a cover of Icona Pop‘s song “I Love It“, with a little alteration to the lyrics. Buckcherry isn’t taking any time off. They head out on The Monsters Of Rock Cruise this week and then head back out on the road with Alice Cooper. If you haven’t checked out the album “Hellbound” you’re missing out. Also be on the lookout for the rest of those 2022 dates. I’m not positive but I bet Henry’s Depot hasn’t been rocked like it was tonight. Hopefully there are more killer events here in the future because it really was a nice venue, and the event ran smoothly. My only suggestion would be to add a small pit for all the short photographers out there.



Josh Todd: Lead Vocals

Stevie Dacanay: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Kelly LeMieux: Bass

Francis Ruiz: Drums

Billy Rowe: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals






2. So Hott

3. Riding

4.Out Of Line

5.Lit Up


7. Whiskey

8.Wasting No More Time

9. Too Drunk




13.Crazy Bitch

14.Say Fuck It





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