Buckcherry “Hellbound Tour” with The Dead Deads and Rubikon at Assembly Food Hall’s Skydeck, Nashville, Tennessee 9-10-22



Nashville, Tennessee is known for its rooftop bars, but most are large enough to hold only a few hundred guests. However, in June of last year, Assembly Food Hall’s Skydeck opened boasting a capacity of 1,600, allowing it to host some larger acts.  On September 10th, Buckcherry hit the Skydeck stage with supporting acts The Dead Deads and Rubikon.

September in Nashville is when the weather starts to cool off slightly. It rained most of the day on show day, but by the early evening, the sky cleared and the night was cool.  Undoubtedly, the weather was perfect for a rooftop show.

As is typical, the people in the room were milling around and getting drinks waiting for the show to start. But when Rubikon opened the show with so much power and energy, people stopped what they were doing and couldn’t help but move to the front of the stage to watch. They played a short 7 song set leaving the crowd longing for more! 


Rubikon is:

Jae Sims – Vocals

Josh Gruss – Guitar

Dave Raymond – Guitar

Hugh Eaton – Bass

Doug Arsham – Drums




1. The Gun

2. Live that Lie

3. A2

4. Chickfight

5. Mail Slot

6. Awaken

7. Blood On My Hands


Next came Nashville’s own The Dead Dead’s.  This three-piece, all-female band’s music is, in my opinion, a quirky-cool mix of Indie and Screamo, a blend that most have never thought of, but it works!  If you can’t imagine what that sounds like, look them up or go see them for yourself! You will not be disappointed! The band hit the stage with their trademark black X’s over their eyes and there was a large group of fans (affectionately referred to as the “Dead Corps”) mimicking the look. The Dead Dead’s had the crowd fully engaged and paused the show to bring everyone’s attention to the full moon visible from the Skydeck.  They then lead the crowd in a full-blown howl at the moon!


The Dead Deads are:

Meta – Vocals and Guitar

Daisy – Bass

McQueen – Drums





1.Sea Beast

2. Ghosts

3. Deal With Me

4. Nothing Will Be Fine

5. Decay

6. In for Blood

7. Dead Inside

8. Fresh Kicks

9. Nope


Finally, the act that everyone was waiting for, Buckcherry!  With enough tattoos on stage that there is no need for a stage set, Buckcherry shared the stage with Marshall stacks, a nod to the 70s and 80s that is so rare, yet so welcomed by this crowd! Buckcherry released their first album 23 years ago, but the energy on stage makes it hard to believe they have been on this earth longer than 23 years!

Speaking of odes to days gone by, during “Lit up”, Todd pretended to snort cocaine from the wrong end of his microphone, despite the fact that he has been sober for 27 years.Opening with “54321” and then ending with “Crazy B*tch” and “F*ck It”, Buckcherry certainly kept the crowd moving during the entire show!

Buckcherry’s Hellbound tour continues to Memphis, Tennessee, then leaves dry land for the Kiss Cruise, and finally, spends their year-end in Australia. If you haven’t seen them this time around, hop on the cruise!



Buckcherry band members:

Josh Todd – Vocals

Stevie D. – Lead Guitar

Kelly LeMieux – Bass

Billy Rowe – Guitar

Francis Ruiz – Drums





1. 54321

2. So Hott

3. Ridin’

4. Out of Line

5. Lit-Up

6. Hellbound

7. Porno Start

8. Everything

9. Too Drunk

10. Sorry

11. Gluttony

12. Tight Pants

13. Crazy B*tch

14. Say F**k It