Bury Tomorrow makes long-awaited return at Velvet Underground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 16, 2023



It has been 13 years since UK metalcore band Bury Tomorrow played a concert in Canada. So it was no surprise that it was a sold-out show at Toronto’s Velvet Underground on Tuesday night. The band are headlining their first-ever North American tour to support their new album, The Seventh Sun released in late March. The audience was ready to headbang to a night of heavy metalcore music. 

Danish heavy rock band Siamese was the first opener of the night. While the crowd wasn’t packed at the start, the audience who came early got to see the band’s impressive mix of rock and metal music with electronic elements. For those interested in more melodic heavy music, Siamese is the band to listen to right now.



Mirza Radonjica – Lead vocalist

Andreas Kruger – Guitars

Christian Hjort Lauritzen – Violins

Mark Nommesen – Bass

Joakim Stilling – Drummer




1. Numb

2. Holy

3. Heights Above

4. Home

5. The Shape of Water

6. Sloboda

7. Ocean Bed


Afterlife was the second opener of the night. They continued the energy with their brand of heavy metal music. Lead vocalist Tyler Levenson led the crowd with waving hands and multiple circle pits. They played an entertaining set that was full of intensity and power. 



Tyler Levenson – Lead vocalist

Andrew McGuire – Guitars

Sinjin Ables – Bass

Luke Walkinshaw – Drummer



Hollow Front was the last opener of the night, and they kept the madness going with even heavier metal music. They did not disappoint with their first-ever show in Canada, as they moved the crowd from start to finish. They set up the fiery atmosphere in time for the main act coming up.



Tyler Tate – Lead vocalist

Lee Albrecht – Guitars

Brandon Rummler – Bass




1. Afflicted

2. Threading Water

3. Breaking Teeth

4. Comatose

5. Homewrecker

6. Don’t Fall Asleep

7. Heritage

8. Still Life


The music stopped playing to signal the arrival of Bury Tomorrow’s first headlining set ever in Canada. The five band members walked onstage first before lead vocalist Dani Winter-Bates approached with all kinds of energy before the start of “Boltcutter.” Right from the start, Dani’s mix of screams and growls was off the charts. Kris Dawson shredded his guitar effortlessly while Dayvd entertained the audience with his bass playing. The new members have breathed new life into the band; Ed Hartwell’s rhythm guitar playing added the band’s intensity, while Tom Pendergast held his own with his powerful vocals and screams. 

Bury Tomorrow brought a setlist with a mixture of old and new that showcased the very best of the band. They are proven to be an amazing live act as Dani showed his dominant presence on stage with his different expressions while the other members had their time to shine. Additionally, they are proven loyal to their fanbase, with Dani expressing his desire for Bury Tomorrow’s show to be an inclusive space for anyone. As the show continued, the band performed banger after banger with circle pits and crowd surfing throughout the night.

As the show came to an end, Dani expressed on behalf of the band his love for Canada and the fact Toronto was able to sell out the show. They further promised to return to Canada many more times now that they renewed their visas before ending the show with “DEATH (Ever Colder).” After the show, all members came back out to chat with the audience. Bury Tomorrow gave the Toronto audience an hour of head-banging metalcore music filled with intensity while appearing as heartfelt people for their fans. Daniel stated it had been 4 050 days since Bury Tomorrow last played a show in Canada. The crowd and I hoped it wouldn’t be long before they return to a bigger audience! 



Dani Winter-Bates – Unclean vocals

Davyd Winter-Bates – Bass

Kris Dawson – Lead guitars, backing vocals

Ed Hartwell – Rhythm guitars

Adam Jackson – Drummer

Tom Prendergast – Clean vocals, percussions, keyboards




1. Boltcutter

2. Black Flame

3. Abandon Us

4. Earthbound

5. The Age

6. Man On Fire

7. Lionheart

8. LIFE (Paradise Denied)

9. Begin Again

10. Heretic

11. Cannibal

12. Choke

13. DEATH (Ever Colder)






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