Butcher Babies vs Goliath Tour invades The Oriental Theater in Denver, Colorado September 7th, 2021



This past Tuesday evening, the Butcher Babies vs Goliath tour came to the Oriental Theater in Denver, Colorado. Along with them were special guests , Infected Rain, Stitched Up Heart, and Purge The Heretics, for what would be an energetic night of music. 

Starting the evening off, was a up and coming local band Purge The Heretics, opening for a major tour for their very first time. Talking with friend Jared Maio the drummer of the band, he related to me how nervous but excited the band was for such a great opportunity. Starting off with a short intro and moving right into their first song ‘Apocalypse’, the band was tight and any nervousness was gone. With a strong positive response from the crowd, they moved right into their second song, ‘Monsters’, (single available on all platforms) that positive response got them fired up. Lead vocalist, Corina Marie got the crowds attention with her clean and what I like to describe as, extreme vocals (growls). Continuing through their set, Chris Sutton, guitarist and backing vocals joined in with Corina as they moved about the stage. And hard head banging bassist, Buddy Fitzpatrick added to the energy of the band. Finishing their set with their song, ‘Dystopia’, Purge The Heretics received a well deserved cheer from the crowd. This is a band to keep an eye on in the Denver scene, I believe they have a solid future a head of them. 


Purge The Heretics: 

Corina Marie – Vocals
Chris Sutton- guitars – backing vocals
Buddy Fitzpatrick – bass guitar
Jared Maio – drums


Set list:

1.) Intro/Apocalypse
2.) Monsters- single on all platforms
3.) Perfect Illusions – Gaga cover
4.) No Hope
5.) Let it Die
6.) Dystopia


Up next was a band I have followed for years and they are a personal favorite, Stitched Up Heart.  I have covered their shows many times and tonight it would be in the 5th different venue I have  covered them in. They are always a crowd favorite when they come through Colorado. The band opened their set with, ‘This Skin’ from their 2020 album, Darkness, and lead singer, Mixi, took to the mic and let her vocals fill the venue. They then continued with another track from the same album, ‘The Warrior’, as Mixi put a foot up on a riser and leaned toward the crowd, singing, “I am a Warrior” looking into the crowd with arms moving as she sang. Now the eyes of the crowd were on her as she moved back and back as to hypnotize those in front of her. As Stitched Up Heart continued through their set, their fans and new fans were now glued to everything happening on stage. Stitcheddrummer James Decker, kept the energy up as lead guitarist Merritt Goodwin and bassist Randy Mathias were now started moving about the stage along with Mixi and the energy level just kept rising from the stage and the crowd was loving it! 

 Mixi playing guitar and spinning about the stage was so much fun to watch. I was looking at the crowd with their eyes wide open watching the movement by everyone on the stage which could be a little bit dizzying for them at times. Finishing their set with ‘Monster,’ from their 2016 album Never Alone. Mixi added a little extra at the ending when she slammed her guitar down and walk away. The guys said good night to a crowd that showed them their appreciation for a great set. 


Stitched Up Heart:

Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner – lead vocals and guitar
James Decker – drums, backing vocals
Merritt Goodwin – guitars
Randy Mathias – bass, backing vocals



Set list:

1.) This Skin
2.) Warrior
3.) Catch Me When I Fall
4.) Finally Free
5.) Lost
6.) My Demon
7.) Monster


Next up, making their way from the country of Moldova was, Infected Rain on their first tour in the US.  Starting their set with ‘Pendulum’ from their 2019 album Endorphin, Lena Scissorhands lenainfectedrain, introduced her vocals to the crowd and they responded with their hands up and the headbanging began. Lena in a leopard skin shirt and her long yellow dreadlocks, moved back and forth between her clean and extreme vocals with their next song ‘Mold’,  from their 2017 album 86. Now the crowd was moving as Lena moved about the stage stopping to throw her dreads round and round to the delight of the crowd and photographers such as myself. The band continued their songs with ‘Lure’ from the Endorphin album and ‘Fool the Gravity’ from the album 86. Lena moved about stepping up on a raiser and reaching out over the crowd pouring out her vocals as the crowd threw up the horns and headbanged with her. Finishing out their set, Infected Rain stepped back in time to their 2014 album Embrace Eternity with the song ‘Sweet, Sweet Lies‘. As the band said goodnight, the crowd roared with appreciation of a great set of music. Infected Rain was created in 2008, and long time fans are excited to see them tour the US. This tour goes until October 8th, you will want to see and hear this show.


Infected Rain:

Elena “Lena Scissorhands” Cataraga – vocals
Vadim “Vidick” Ojog – guitars
Vladimir Babici – bass
Serghei Babici – guitars
Eugen Voluta – drums



Set List:

1.) Pendulum
2.) Mold
3.) Black Gold
4.) Passerby
5.) Freaky Carnival
6.) Lure
7.) Fool the Gravity
8.) Orphan Soul
9.) The Earth Mantra
10.) Sweet, Sweet Lies



After a sort break when everyone could reenergize themselves from the first three bands, it was time for the Butcher Babies to take the stage. Starting their set with ‘I Smell a Massacre’ from their 2013 album Goliath, set the tone for the rest of the show. The energy level to start the show was only the beginning. Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey bounce out onto the stage and don’t stop moving. Singing, headbanging, and moving from side to side, that what was to be expected for the rest of the show. Catch your breath! Moving through their set list with songs from their 2013 album Goliath. Mixing in songs like ‘Monsters Ball’ from their 2015 album Take It Like A Man, and‘Bottom of the Bottle’  from their 2020 album of the same name. They would stop and  interact with crowd. They were having fun with them and the crowd was loving it. Their energy seems unending as they moved about throwing their hair and headbanging with the crowd. At one point Heidi told their videographer to move off the floor because it was time to get the circle pit moving. When Heidi would yell, ‘green’ everyone moved, and when she would shout ‘red’ everyone had to stop. This would go for a little bit, then it was back to their music and moving about the stage. Guitarist Henry Flury and bassist Ricky Bonazza were on the move as well. Toward the end of the set, The Butcher Babies broke into a cover of the song, ‘They Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!’  and the fans were loving it. How these two ladies keep up the energy for almost two hours is beyond me. Photographing and watching them and the crowd was exhausting, but what a fun show they put on. When they said goodnight, the crowd let them know what a great night it was.

There is about a month left on their tour and this is a must see show for a great evening of fun and music, don’t miss it!


Butcher Babies:

Carla Harvey – vocals
Heidi Shepherd – vocals
Henry Flury – guitars
Chase Brickenden – drums
Ricky Bonazza – bass


Set list:

1.) I Smell a Massacre
2.) The Mirror Never Lies
3.) Monsters Ball
4.) C8h18 (Gasoline)
5.) Grim Sleeper
6.) n Denial
7.) Bottom of a Bottle
8.) The Deathsurround
9.) Dead Poet
10.) Axe Wound
11.) It’s Killin’ Time, Baby!
12.) Yorktown
13.) They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! @Cover
14.) Magnolia Blvd.














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