Capital Theatre explores the trials and tribulations of life with “A Hero’s Journey”



Hailing from New Zealand, Capital Theatre released “A Hero’s Journey” July 5, 2022 on Reslau Records. Produced by the legendary Mike Clink (Guns and Roses, Whitesnake, Motley Crue), this freshman release showcases this alt-rock trio’s amazing talents ten fold. Though only 10 tracks, this album was started pre-pandemic in Los Angeles, California. Then, it was worked on remotely while the band was back in New Zealand. Most of the tracks were recorded at the famed NRG studios in Los Angeles with some of the guitar parts recorded at Slash’s Snakepit Studio. This is a really good rock and roll album with an awesome vintage feel. 

The first track is “Fait Accompli”. This is also their latest video and has accumulated 5.4 million views in just 3 weeks. That is pretty impressive for a relatively new band that just released their first album. This is what I like to call a road trip song. A great song to sing along to while blasting down the highway with a few friends.



The second track is one of my favorites. “People” is a play on the whole the world is a stage adage. This time though, the subject doesn’t know what to say and the viewers are just watching from up in the balconies. As the song says, ‘We had it All’. The band is solid on this with the added help of Chris Chaney (Janes Addiction, Alanis Morissette) on bass.



One of the first singles off the album was “A Long Way To Fall.” The song is about Space exploration and looking for a new home amongst the stars after losing a lover. Again, with Chris Chaney on bass and also adding Jamie Muhoberac (The All-American RejectsFleetwood MacThe Rolling Stones) on keyboards. This song hooks you right in with it’s catchy chorus and memorable melodies.



 The rest of the tracks are all just as solid as they ‘Examine the human experience’ (Adam Stevenson), from birth through the trials and tribulations of life. This is represented through both the lyrics and musical prowess of the three laser focused band members. Adding A-Lister musicians like Chris Chaney, Jamie Muhoberac, Phil X (Bon Jovi), keyboardist C.J. Vanston (Spinal Tap) and the string arrangements of David Campbell (The Rolling Stones, U2, Beck). It shows just how serious they are about putting out a first class record.  With all seriousness, if this is what they can do in their first recording, this band has a very bright future. This is a really good album all the way through. The production and engineering is top notch as well. I can’t wait to see them live at some point in the future. I am sure they will shine.


My rating on this is a 9.5/10


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Track Listing:
1. Fait Accompli
2. People
3. Second Skin
4. Long Way to Fall
5. Fire
6. Delicately Poised
7. Force Fight
8. Time
9. Better Than This
10. Save a Stranger



Capital Theatre are:

Adam Stevenson – Vocals, piano, guitar

Roy Oliver – Guitar, vocals

Paul Reid – Drums, vocals





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