Carl Baldassarre (ex-Syzygy) Discusses Abbey Road, Phil Naish, And The Details Of Grand Boulevard 5/8/2023



Carl Baldassarre is a guitarist, composer, and an educator. After being in a few bands in his youth, Carl took a path in life that found him as a highly sought after private equity manager. He would dabble and moonlight with his band Syzygy over the years, finding critical acclaim and global success. After decades of music tapping him on his shoulder to make a full return, Carl has responded by once again devoting himself entirely to life as a performing artist. In addition to making music, Carl is quite a popular podcaster with his Professor Of Classic Rock podcast, where he shares his knowledge and passion for music.

In this interview, Carl talks about recording his inaugural solo album Grand Boulevard with Grammy-winning producer Phil Naish in studios like Sweetwater and Abbey Road. Carl also tells us about finding inspiration from AC/DC, Beethoven, Hamilton, and Zoltar the Fortune Teller. Sit back and get to know the warm and pleasant Carl Baldassarre!




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