Chris McLernon (ex-Saigon Kick) Talks About New Band Kinell, And Tells Tales From His Long Career 5/16/2023



Many of you probably know Chris McLernon for the time he’s spent as the bassist of hard rock band Saigon Kick. Others may know him as a member of early 90’s band Cold Sweat with former Keel guitarist Marc Ferrari. Well, get ready to know Chris as the frontman of a new project he has called Kinell. Kinell has a new single called “Take It All,” which is on the band’s debut, Crash. Burn. Rebirth.

In this interview, Chris tells us all about the Thin Lizzy-inspired Kinell album. He also talks about every other aspect of his career, from being in Kiss cover band Cold Gin with Tommy Thayer, to producing former Cold Sweat vocalist Roy Cathey in his new band The Fifth. Get comfortable and hang out with one of the true gentlemen of rock and roll as he shares a plethora of tales from his long career.




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