CHRONICAL MOSHERS OPEN AIR Festival, Day 1, Friday June 10, 2022 – Mühlteich Heinsdorfergrund Germany

CHRONICAL MOSHERS Open Air (CMOA) –never heard of it? Then it’s time to let you know something about it. CMOA takes place every year in June near a village is called Heinsdorfergrund close to a little pond in the middle of a forest. A very cozy place for a Metal Festival. It’s located in east Germany close proximity to Zwickau. Zwickau is the cradle of the Saxon automotive industry and the more than one hundred years of tradition in automobile production began in the early 20th century with the foundation of the works of Horch (1904) or Audi (1909/1910) which was continued in the 1930’s and 1940’s by the Auto Union and during the GDR era by the Sachsenring factories. So end of history and now lets go back to music and festival. For the 20th edition of the CHRONICAL MOSHERS OPEN AIR the girls and boys from Chronical Moshers Society put together another fine metal package. The small festival has grown up, for the first time without a concert tent, into a real open air.

A metalhead doesn’t need much to be happy. If there is enough beer, a few tables and benches under shady trees and heavy metal being blown through your ears almost all day, then everything is fine. Far from any commerce, reduced to the essentials, that’s exactly what the fans appreciate about this small family festival.

Due to my long journey and many traffic jams on the freeway, I unfortunately missed EPIDEMIC SCORN, AGATHODAIMON and SACRIFIRE. However, the start with WARPATH was all the more intense.



Friday, June 10

6:20 pm – 7:10 pm


WARPATH is a power and thrash metal band from Hamburg, which was founded in 1991 and broke up around 1996. The band has been active again since 2014, and their first album since their comeback was released in 2017. WARPATH made some hair fly with their thrash metal and got the neck muscles up to operating temperature. Crisp riffs, fat hooks and the charismatic singer Dirk “Dicker” Weiss set an early exclamation mark. Guitar Player Roman Spinka takes his axe, climbed over the ditch and played directly between the fans. That’s exactly how it should be. Lots of fun.



Dirk “Dicker” Weiss – vocals
Claudio Ilanes – guitar
Norman Rieck – drums
Sören Meyer – bass
Roman Spinka – guitar 



Friday, June 10

7:30 pm – 8:25 pm

Next up came PROTECTOR. PROTECTOR is a German thrash metal band formed in Wolfsburg in 1986. Since the band’s re-establishment in 2011, the band’s headquarters have been in Stockholm and Uddevalla (Sweden).The thrashers didn’t miss a beat and went straight into the full force.Heavy stompers with headbang guarantee were fired in a continuous loop, while front grunt Martin Missy roared and was the eye-catcher par excellence with his huge studded bracelet.



Martin Missy – vocals
Micke Carlsson – guitar
Norman Rieck – drums
Mathias Johanson – bass



Friday, June 10

8:45 pm – 9:40 pm


CYTOTOXIN is a brutal and technical death metal band from Chemnitz, Saxony, formed in 2010.
Because ATROCITY had to cancel their appearance due to illness, the local matadors of CYTOTOXIN jumped in. The Saxons played a mixture of brutal technical Death Metal, which came along musically complex between groovy, dull thrashing and melodic, atmospheric tracks. Circle pits included.



Sebastian “Grimo” Grihm – vocals
Fabrice “Fonzo” Töpfer – guitar
Stephan “Stocki” Stockburger – drums
Vitalis “V.T.” Kast – bass
Jason “Mathias” Melidonie – guitar



Friday, June 10

10:00 pm – 11:10 pm


DESERTED FEAR is a German Death Metal band founded in 2007. The group plays classic Death Metal.
The sympathetic group served outstanding, melodic Death Metal with hooks that you just couldn’t get out of your ears. The guys did not get the grin out of their faces and let their joy of playing run wild. Playful and technically at the highest level, DESERTED FEAR provided the highlight of the day late at night.



Manuel Glatter – vocals
Fabian Hildebrandt – guitar
Simon Mengs – drums
Session bass player – bass



Friday, June 10

11:30 pm – 00:30 am


DECEMBRE NOIR is a Thuringian death doom band from Erfurt, Germany formed in 2008. Those who were still able to stand up after DESERTED FEAR were slowly but surely lulled to sleep by DECEMBRE NOIR with their doomy-melancholic Death Metal and the first day of CMOA came to an “soft” end.



Lars Dotzauer – vocals
Martin Ortlepp – guitar
Fabian Regmann – drums
Mike Schubert – bass
Sebastian Görlach – guitar