COIN “Uncanny Valley Tour” at HISTORY Toronto, Ontario, Canada, August 13, 2022



Indie-pop band COIN made a stop at HISTORY in Toronto. They are in the middle of their “Uncanny Valley” headlining tour across North America. The show was almost cancelled because the band had difficulties crossing the border from the United States to America. The opener BLACKSTARKIDS could not cross the border, meaning COIN was the only performer on Saturday’s show. Toronto has always been a crowd favourite for the band hailing from Nashville. So it was no surprise that a sold-out crowd was excited for COIN making a return to Canada.

The lights go off, signalling the arrival of COIN. The excitement got louder and louder before Chase Lawrence, Ryan Wine, and Joe Memmel approached onstage to the sold-out crowd. Beginning with the song “Learning,” the audience immediately sang every word to the fullest. The energy and presence from Chase were at an all-time high as he moved his body side to side while delivering amazing vocals. COIN performed a massive 25-song setlist that represented their entire discography, including their new album, Uncanny Valley released in March. They played some of their notable hits: “Chapstick,” “Growing Pains,” and “Into My Arms,” while also playing some new music like “Cutie,” “I Think I Met You In A Dream,” and “Brad Pitt.” 

COIN felt the love and admiration of the crowd in Toronto. Chase affirmed his feelings for Canada by feeling at home in the Ontario capital and said the band should return to Canada more often. The crowd erupted to his remarks before the band returned to playing their infectious indie-pop tunes. One of the night’s highlights was COIN performing their biggest hit, “Talk Too Much,” where the crowd sang to the song at their loudest. COIN ended the night with “Crash My Car,” which got the crowd jumping and moving. “COIN loves Canada forever,” said Chase as the band left the stage to a roaring audience. Toronto hopes COIN will come back and play many more shows as they promised. 



Chase Lawrence – Lead vocalist

Ryan Winnen – Drummer

Joe Memmel – Lead guitarist, backing vocals

Matt Martin (Touring member) – Bass




1. Learning

2. Watering A Dead Flower

3. Chapstick

4. Cutie

5. I Want It All

6. Take A Picture

7. Hannah

8. Cemetery

9. Boyfriend

10. Run

11. Growing Pains

12. Brad Pitt

13. Valentine

14. Into My Arms

15. Killing Me

16. I Think I Met You In A Dream

17. Babe Ruth

18. Let It All Out (10:05)

19. You Are The Traffic

20. Youuu

21. Take The Stairs

22. Malibu 1992

23. Talk Too Much

24. Loving


25. Crash My Car




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