Composer Steve Rogers & Music Legend Denny Fongheiser Discuss Staring Into Nothing Rock Opera 9/28/2022



Denny Fongheiser is the drummer and musical director for the Staring Into Nothing rock opera theater project. He brings with him a legacy that only a chosen few can rival, having performed and recorded with artists like Heart, Roger Waters, Tracy Chapman, Stevie Nicks, Bruce Springsteen, Pat Benatar, Peter Frampton, and so many more. Steve Rogers is a vocalist, pianist, and composer. With writing partner and bassist Kurt Barabas, Steve has created this concept from the ground up, inviting masterful musicians like Denny to help bring his vision to life both musically and theatrically.

Denny and Steve are set to debut Staring Into Nothing this Friday, October 7 at the El Portal Theatre in Los Angeles, and it will run for three nights (October 7-9). In this interview, Steve and Denny talk about the name of the project, the challenges that come with such a big production, and the possibility of taking it to other cities.




“School Daze” video from the album Power:






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