Corey Taylor at The Forge in Joliet, Illinois June 7, 2021

Review and Images Contributed by Jessi Lynn




Businesses are just now starting to re-open in Illinois, and the people of Joliet were excited when music was making its way back into the local venues! One hot spot known for great music is “The Forge”, and they didn’t waste any time bringing back only the coolest tunes to their fans. Welcoming not only for one night, but three sold-out nights, The Cherry Bombs, and Corey “CMFT” Taylor!  Joliet was sure in for a treat, I had just caught this show about a week ago as I traveled through Tennessee.


 As the night started out, we were greeted by a group of absolutely gorgeous girls; magnificently choreographing their moves to smashing hits from music legends including Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, and many more! Each dance routine had its own wild and unique twist on it, like something I have never seen before. The eloquent attire for this girl gang was changed up for each song too! Stunning performance to say the least, as the best was yet to come….up next was the fire, a magnificent display of tasteful and exquisite moves all while playing with flames. Now that is talent! Not to mention throughout the set, elegant performers swang from ribbons dangled from the rafters, ladies doubled up trapezing each other, the list of spectacular stunts goes on and on. It’s definitely a “must-see” performance. 



When Corey Taylor took the stage, he wasn’t wrong in saying that was a hard act to follow! But needless to say, Corey already has a huge fan base as he leads two renowned legendary bands, Slipknot & Stone Sour. With his solo act he brings all three to the table, a little bit of each was spread into his raw and breathtaking performance. Who doesn’t love a little Corey Taylor? His passion for the music and deep dark melodic lyrics he expresses through Slipknot to his tamer sounds of Stone Sour and his joyous music of his latest solo album “CMFT.” His music does not disappoint, as fans proved through their applause throughout the night. 


Taylor began with a crowd-pleasing intro to set the mood for the evening, his own rendition of Pink Floyd’s classic “In The Flesh.” As the night went on the music broke loose. Corey and his ensemble kicked out and cranked loud, tune after tune including the latest hit off his album CMFT; “Samantha’s Gone”, along with some of his past top radio hits “Bother”, “Through Glass” and my absolute personal favorite, Slipknot’s “Snuff”. Each hit was in perfect sync with fans singing, quite a memorable moment to witness and be part of. 


As Corey expressed many times during the night he was ravished, but over the moon about being on stage and performing three sold-out nights at this venue! What a great way to bring live music back into the lives of fans. The Cherry Bombs and Corey Taylor have a little over half a dozen shows left on this tour. Be sure to catch them when they hit your hometown! 




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