Crawlers O2 Academy Liverpool 10th November 2022







North West based band “Crawlers” stopped off in O2 Academy Liverpool as part of their U.K. tour on Thursday night and All Music’s Warren Millar was there to see this band who are making big waves in the music world at the moment. With a lot of the music industry saying this is a band to look out for in 2023 this hometown gig was one to see if all the hype is true.

With the recent release of their debut mixtape “Loud Without Noise” which has received rave reviews “Crawlers” have upped their game and are speedily making their way up the music industries ladder. Proof of this is tonight’s totally sold out gig at the O2 Academy Liverpool.

Jumping the train to Liverpool’s Lime Street station instead of driving proved to be the wrong choice tonight as the train we were due to get was delayed for 30mins so unfortunately we missed the first support act but they played to a packed out O2 Academy for such an early start. It was great to see so many people packed into the venue so early on it was packed way passed the sound board even before the second support act came on stage.

So for the second support band on stage, and the band who are touring as support with Crawlers, we were treated to all girl 4 piece Indie/Pop band from Glasgow “Uninvited” consisting of Fiorenza Cocozza (Drums), Gillian Dhlakama (Guitar and Vocals), Bex Young (Lead Guitar) and Taylor-Ray Dillon (Bass). These girls certainly know how to warm the crowd up and the place loved them as did we. Their set was lively and full of some great indie pop tunes none more so than their last song “Behind the Black Door” a song that won them a place performing in the Radio 1 Live Lounge back in April this year. Check these girls out if you get the chance.



1/ Afterlife

2/ Friends with Massacre

3/ Give/Take

4/ Take It Back

5/ Party Song

6/ Portrait

7/ Behind the Black Door



So on to why we are all packed into the O2 Academy tonight “Crawlers”. Even before “Crawlers”, Holly Minto, Amy Woodall, Liv Kettle, and Harry Breen, came on stage the crowd were buzzing, cheering every little thing the stage crew did when setting up the stage and they were loud ! But that was nothing compared to the noise they made when the band made their appearance on the academy stage. These guys are loved by their fans and they have a huge number of them here tonight. It’s fair to say that we have photographed gigs at the O2 academy Liverpool many many times but never have we found it so hard making our way through the crowd to get back to the photo pit like we have done tonight, The place is rammed !!

They kick off their set with “Too Soon” with Holly Minto, well just being herself, loads of boundless energy, moving around the stage like she has been performing live to massive crowds well beyond her years and a faultless vocal performance worthy of the acclaim these guys are so rightly getting at the moment. The band seem to bounce off this especially Bass player Liv Kettle who’s also bouncing about with her bright red hair flying all over the place , its full on right from the start.

Holly tells us during one break that it’s so surreal that she used to walk past tonight’s venue almost every day when she was a student and she used to wonder what it would be like to actually play there to a sold out crowd, she adds “well now I fuckin know don’t I”

Stand out song for us on the night would be “Monroe” “Hush” and “I Can’t Drive” but if we are perfectly honest every single song was just a blast and perfectly performed by a band that without a doubt are going places !

Get to see “Crawlers” NOW because I would like to bet pretty soon they will be selling out big arenas and headlining big festivals ! Top night of great live energy driven music performed with passion !




1/ Too Soon

2/ Statues


4/ Feminist Radical Hypocritical Delusional

5/ Hush

6/ Hang Me Like Jesus

7/ Fuck Me (I Didn’t Know How to Say)

8/ Placebo


9/ I Can’t Drive

10/ Come Over (Again)

11/ I Don’t Want It